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How to Write 500 Words a Day

by Kathi Lipp I used to be a panic writer. I would put off writing until I had a deadline; then I’d lock myself in a room with nothing but coffee and panic until I got it done. Can I just say that is not a good writing plan? (And an even worse marital improvement plan.) I dreamed of a world …

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Seven Reasons Why You Should Consider Writing for Magazines

  By Susan King 1. Reach: Magazines have the potential to reach more people with your message. For instance, if you’re published in The Upper Room, with more than three million subscribers, you reach a readership that very few book writers can match. 2. Turnaround Time: Even today—with some publishers using print-on-demand—a book can take 18 months until its release. …

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The Healing Power of Your Story

By Sarah Thebarge I started writing when I was in elementary school and my younger sister was diagnosed with a serious heart condition. She underwent two open-heart surgeries and spent many months in the hospital. My parents spent a lot of time with her at the hospital, so I ended up retreating to my bedroom closet with a notebook, writing …

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Creating a Sense of Wonder

by Donald Maass   Wonderful. Wouldn’t it be marvelous if readers used that adjective to describe your current novel? Or your every novel? Is that possible? Let’s start by breaking down the experience of wonder. What does it feel like to undergo wonder? Dictionary definitions say that the feeling of wonder is excited by: a) what is strange, and b) …

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Stuck? Seven Ways to Move Your Writing Forward

by Leslie Gould Although writing can be a solitary pursuit, the results are better if it’s not—at least not entirely. Establishing a support system will help move your writing forward. My debut novel was published 15 years ago. Over the years—and 30 novels—my support has varied widely, depending on my needs. Following are some of the things that have worked …

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