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The Fast Draft – Should You or Shouldn’t You?

by Rachel Hauck It’s NaNoWriMo and I’m about to start a fast draft (FD) of my next book. For me, the FD seems to be the best way to get a feel and vision for the story. A fast draft takes about six or seven weeks. And, boy howdy, is it ever ugly. Sometimes when I’m stuck, I write “blah, …

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Challenge Yourself to Be a Better Writer

By Beth K. Vogt Early on in my writing career, a mentor challenged me to be a writer who always “upped her game.” However, I realized if I wanted to see real progress I needed to move past a vague idea of how I wanted to improve as a writer and I needed to be specific. To ensure I upped …

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Editor and Agent Appointments: How to Prepare

By Alice Crider Editors and agents don’t have time to read full proposals in a short appointment, so a “One Sheet” summary of your project not only simplifies things, it also lets the editor or agent know you’re able to articulate the aspects of your project concisely. What goes on a One Sheet? a hook (one line that includes an …

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Finding Your Connecting Point

By Trieste Vaillancourt Do you ever watch The Voice on NBC? During the show, musical artists are given the opportunity to grow and be coached by others who have been successful in their field—musicians like Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, and Alicia Keys. These coaches often advise artists to find their connecting point to a song. They ask: “How …

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Nicolas Cool (@shotz) on Unsplash

by Steven James Picture a snowball rolling down a mountain. Picking up speed. Gaining momentum. Eventually becoming an avalanche. As it travels along, it grows in magnitude, just like the tension of your story will do. The narrative momentum of the promises you make early in the book will continue to build, creating endings that tumult into unforgettable climaxes. Tension …

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