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Quick Guide to Studying Writing Form

Quick Guide to Studying Writing Form by Janet Holm McHenry You hear all kinds of slogans at writers’ conferences. “Show, don’t tell.” “Write what you know.” “You learn how to write by rewriting.” Those are typically understood fairly quickly. But one that puzzled me for a bit was “Study the form.” Huh? Even though I attended three major conferences the …

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Three Keys to Create a Killer Scene

Three Keys to Create a Killer Scene in your memoir, novel, or nonfiction story by Susy Flory Have you ever driven a fast car or ridden on a fast horse? I used to ride my dad’s quarter horse named Y-Bar, and he was a slow, gentle and kind ride. Until he wasn’t. If a horse nearby broke into a gallop, …

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Don’t Let “I Can’t” Sabotage Your Writing

by Tessa Afshar Have you ever wondered why Esther’s initial response to Mordecai’s cry for help was essentially, “I can’t”? She may have come to her position for just such a time as this, but Esther was so focused on the impossibility of her situation that she almost missed her calling.  I have often wondered if Esther’s childhood had something …

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The Earth Is an M&M: Advice When You Are Close to Finishing Your Manuscript

by Peter Leavell You’ve been writing your first work like a crazy woman or a madman, and suddenly, you wonder what happens next. Doubt in your writing is like cruising your bike along a trail and someone shoving an iron rod through the spokes. Or thinking the earth is a giant Peanut M&M and you dig a hole through the …

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How Writers Break Through! Enter the 2021 Cascade Writing Contest

The Annual Cascade Writing Contest recognizes excellence in writing and encourages both emerging and published writers.  by David Rawlings How Entering Writing Contests Makes You a Winner It goes against our Western ethos to say you don’t need to win a competition you’re entering. But if you focus just on winning a writing contest, you may be overlooking the many …

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