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Appointment Advice: Designing Effective One-Sheets

By Karen Barnett Many of us are busily preparing for conferences like the upcoming Oregon Christian Writers Conference in August. We’re brushing up manuscripts and proposals, practicing our pitches, and deciding which professionals we’d like to meet. A valuable tool to carry into an editor or agent appointment is a well-designed one-sheet. If you’re anything like me, no matter how …

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Pitch Perfect

Polish your pitch: get ready for the conference! By Sally Apokedak Good pitches are essential. As an agent, I get excited when I read a great hook because good books with great pitches practically sell themselves. So, what do you need in your pitch? Three things are vital: an interesting, relatable character a desire a conflict A Character You don’t …

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Sensible Writing

by Kay Marshall Strom Years ago—in another life, it seems—I dabbled in writing TV and movie scripts. In some ways it was easier than writing books, because the audience can look at the screen and see what is happening. They hear passion in the actors’ voices, and they too are moved. They feel fear, and it propels the story forward. …

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Push Past Self-Doubt

Writers frequently have doubts about their work. Award-winning author Tessa Afshar offers tips for how to resist self-doubt and the temptation to give up and keep going.   PREGNANCY – When my best friend became pregnant at the age of 40, I was struck by certain similarities between pregnancy, birth, and infant care and the writing life. My friend, an …

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From Novice to Novelist: How Contests Help Writers at Any Stage

By Camille Eide I’ve been entering writing contests since I began writing for publication 10 years ago, both as a pre-published and published writer. I’ve won, placed, and been passed over, but regardless of my stage as a writer or the outcome, I’ve never come away from a writing contest empty-handed. Why should authors enter a writing contest? Pre-published writers …

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