Monthly Prayer

2017 February Member News

February Prayer Time by Lindy Swanson Prayer Team Member Heavenly Father, we praise You for clothing us with Jesus’ righteousness that we might build up each other’s holy faith as we minister, presenting the sweet incense of our prayers, and offer our writing as a love gift to You. Give us a fresh outpouring of Your Spirit, in wisdom and in …

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2017 January Member News

Let us know the news about your writing (publishing accomplishments, upcoming book-signings, etc.). Jill Williamson, of Vancouver, just received a copy of her latest book King’s Blood along with a note from her editor saying she had set the record for longest Bethany House Publishers book! Tabitha Abel, of Chiloquin, recently had her story, “Why I Am Me,” accepted by …

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2016 November and December Member News

November and December Member News Long-time OCW member Marion Duckworth’s new book Coney Island Jesus just released and is available on Amazon. Patricia Lee, of Springfield, just signed a three-book contract with Mountain Brook Ink, owned by Miralee Ferrell, another OCW member. First book is scheduled for a mid-2017 release. Jennifer Anne F. Messing, of Portland, had three new poems …

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