Unbeatable: 100 Short Daily Devotionals for Women

Unbeatable: 100 Short Daily Devotionals for Women
Genre: Bible, Prayer & Devotional
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What if I told you that you don’t have to let your emotions control you?
You can look at your situation from a fresh point of view and learn to become a victor instead of a victim. Decide on the outcome you would like instead of giving in to knee-jerk responses.
Unbeatable has 100 examples of how situations can be improved by applying Biblical practices. The reader will see:
They need to be aware of what they are doing so they don’t keep repeating it.
Reactions are habits, which can be reprogramed.
Outcomes are direct results of actions.
They can control their actions with what they allow in their thoughts.
Emotions come from thoughts. Thoughts can be deceptive if they are formed by the belief that your moods are a result of factors beyond your control such as body chemistry, conflicts or trauma. Control your thoughts and you can control your emotions, which trigger your actions.
That knee-jerk reaction is a habit and like any habit, it can be reprogramed with awareness and practice. Distorted thoughts may feel valid at the time thus making them hard to change. But deciding on what outcome you want before your emotions run wild will help you control your natural response.
The examples here come from many different situations and circumstances, but all are true. See how simple adjustments can alter an outcome and remove excessive drama.
Get your copy now and start practicing taking control of your emotions.

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