The King’s Vengeance

The King’s Vengeance
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publication Year: 2022
ASIN: 1942320418
ISBN: 9781942320418
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An out-of-control queen. A fatherless girl. A kingdom on the brink. The kingdom of Risha doesn’t allow women to rule, but the queen has found a way around the law through cunning and ploy. Now the people suffer under her depraved reign. Highwaymen rob with impunity. Guards abuse their power. And taxes soar. By all appearances, Emoline has lived an insignificant peasant life as she was raised in shame by a single mother and her grandmother. Trained by a disgraced royal guard who is thought to be dead, Emoline’s upbringing has been anything but typical. She has prepared from the time she could walk to save the kingdom as The King’s Vengeance. All the spies who tried to aid the king are dead. It’s now up to Emoline to do what no other could-save the king; a man she sees no merit in rescuing. Emoline has trained for the task. Her mother requested it on her deathbed. God has called Emoline to do it. So, she packed her disguises, donned her weapons, and set out to breach the keep and save the king.

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