She’s Still in There: Healing the Wounded Child Within

She’s Still in There: Healing the Wounded Child Within
Genre: Biography & Memoir
ISBN: 9780578873831
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Enter the world of a young girl who must find her way through a life traumatized by a deeply troubled relationship with her mentally ill mom. Lisa’s award-winning story will immerse you in the young experiences that injured the soft core of her developing identity. Readers will follow Lisa’s journey as she struggles through a lifetime of turbulent lessons—an alcoholic marriage, bad career choices, a chronic pain syndrome, and finally an emotional landslide that uncovers the wounded young girl who is still very much a part of her. She’s Still In There is an authentic and deeply spiritual narrative that reveals it’s never too late for a merciful God to heal and restore the young, wounded places in our souls. Lisa’s touching story dispels our flawed image of an indifferent, punishing God and reveals his powerful love for us—his most cherished creation.

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