Return of the Deranged

Return of the Deranged
Genre: Mystery & Suspense
Publication Year: 2023
ISBN: 9798584582500
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Matthew Brown, a branch manager with the State of Oregon, received a letter from a secret organization called The Empowered. The letter stated the group had been watching him for years, and now they felt he was ready. It promised him limitless wealth and power: Money to do what he wanted when he wanted, unlimited access to and hobnobbing with the wealthy and powerful, including television and movie stars and politicians. It also promised surreptitious control over people and the ability to manipulate others into doing what they do not want. The message stated that if he chose not to join their organization, he would never hear from them again. It also contained a veiled threat. Brown thought the letter was a joke and destroyed it. It was no joke.

Noah Green, a twenty-five-year detective, quit his job and formed his own private investigations firm. His first client is more than he appears to be. This is a fictional detective/mystery crime thriller.

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