Redemption at Dead Man’s Hole

Redemption at Dead Man’s Hole
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Publication Year: 2021
Length: 180
ISBN: 9781098359263
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Fifteen-year-old Rogan Chaffey and his family live in a small community on an island in southeast Alaska, where life is naturally a grand adventure: hunting, fishing, camping, caving, and exploring. Danger also lurks, with sinkholes, angry bears, and wilderness survival. After he and his family are faced with tragedy, Rogan struggles to reconcile his feelings that God is supposed to be a loving God, so why would He allow this to happen? The teen not only deals with inner turmoil, but with a nemesis in bully, Nico Vega, as well as an unstable neighbor, Crazy Hoffman. There is a local legend of a young man who attempted to jump Dead Man’s Hole with fatal results. The town’s youth, however, aren’t sure if it is a myth or an actual event until Rogan is confronted with the answer in an up-close and personal way.

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