Mother’s Fury

Mother’s Fury
Genre: Family & Parenting
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Year: 2018
Length: 264
ISBN: 9781724289216
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It’s inconceivable for most of us to imagine a mother as a source of dread or the villain in a nightmare. Mothers are typically associated with feelings of love and trust-nurturers, not monsters. But cruelty knows no gender, and some mothers do harm their defenseless children. Pages tell of horrific parenting and vulgar profanity acted out upon a child who would never know what it was like to feel safe in the presence of his own mother. Where is God? He’s crying, too. God’s nature is love and He loves the abused so very much. A powerless child struggles to survive emotional and physical pain day after day, year after year. The Charles Rice story is the backdrop to expose what happens to a child when Mommy, the primary caregiver, is furious and unsafe. Home for children like Charles is a dark and frightening world. Now, as an adult, it’s time to break free; time to feel good about who they are-to know they have value. This book uncovers truth, births hope, and offers help. Now is the time to release trauma from the past and dance into fresh joy. If healing isn’t found, growing up with abuse impacts the quality of future relationships. Statistics prove those who are abused in childhood are at risk of becoming abusers themselves. Let’s stop this awful wrong. Pages speak to the physical, emotional, verbal, and neglect maltreatment of children. Sexual abuse is not addressed. Charles Rice was such a child. He knows firsthand what it means to live with a volatile mother. Those memories usher in tears and trigger flashbacks. They testified to wounds that run deep and cry out to be released. No child should ever experience such grievous wrongs and bear such devastating pain. Unfortunately, we live in a world where sin exists and bad things do happen to children. The choice to move beyond a mother’s rage takes courage. However, acts of courage are needed to move forward-to that place of letting go. It’s there where you find the fresh air of freedom’s balm to soothe a dreadful past. This man’s voice will help other victims of childhood abuse release their own trauma. It is my prayer that those raised under the heavy hand of an abusive mother will move beyond their sufferings to discover how very real God’s love is. Beloved child, you are the apple of His eye. The God, who gave you life, loves you with an everlasting, never-ending, immeasurable love. “Maxine Marsolini has introduced us to an almost unimaginable world of horror in her book: A Mother’s Fury. Sadly, the story of Charles Rice, which is told in the book, is not fiction, and it is not as rare as we might hope. Child abuse and neglect is a cancerous reality in our neighborhoods, and is carried forward generation after generation by those who were themselves first innocent victims. The abuse and neglect they suffered was the template given to them of how parents are expected to interact with their own children. However awful the realities of child abuse are, there still remains hope for the victims, both young and old, and this is the powerful message Ms. Marsolini bring to us in her book. At the close of each chapter, are exercises designed to open the doors to healing and freedom from the pain of childhood abuse. Solidly anchored in the truth of Scripture, and in good therapeutic activities, the opportunity is presented for the reader to begin the journey to wholeness. This book can serve well as a starting point for discussions and interventions to enable and empower the victims to step forward onto a path of forgiveness and healing in a nurturing relationship with God. While many victims of childhood abuse will need professional help beyond the scope of this book, I strongly believe that A Mother’s Fury is a valuable and important statement that hope and healing can be found for the victims still suffering from the wounds of their childhoods.” – James R. Baker, M.A., CADC-1

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