Kids in Crisis

Kids in Crisis
Series: Pediatric ICU drama, Book 1
Genre: Family, Parenting & Relationships
Publication Year: 2019
Length: 189
ASIN: 1689189371
ISBN: 9781689189378
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KIDS IN CRISIS -Pediatric ICU 101 is the first book in a 3-part memoir featuring stories of the team of caregivers, pediatric patients and their families whose lives converge in a busy, pediatric intensive care unit (PICU or PedsICU) in Inland Valley Children’s Hospital, a fictitious setting for happenings in various PICUs and pediatric floors. Tabitha, an experienced PICU nurse, tells the stories. Names of patients, colleagues and some details have been changed to preserve their identity. The books are educational but not clinical textbooks. They are written from a human-interest perspective for professionals interacting with critically ill children. A glossary of terms provides simple descriptors for non-medically minded readers.Tabitha’s writing reflects her British heritage. She incorporates short stories from her childhood, as a parent and student, and as a Christian. She is bold and tells it like it is and yet also believes that miracles happen in PICUs. She discusses the psychological impact of critical hospitalizations and of choices that parents are forced to make. Tabitha’s writing cannot be called stodgy.KIDS IN CRISIS -Pediatric ICU 101 reveals the behind-the-scene workings of a Pediatric ICU, what is expected of PICU nurses and how they deal with crises. What draws them to this stressful environment where children do not always survive, and how does the team of care providers interact on a daily basis? At times, a unique, amusing side of situations pop into what might appear to be sad or dire. KIDS IN CRISIS -Pediatric ICU 101 is an introduction to the life of nurses and the team of health professionals who choose to work in a PICU and enjoy being a part of a well-oiled, compassionate team who are committed to bring about the best outcome for critically ill children where, at times, the presence of God can be felt.The two other books, KIDS IN CRISIS -PICU Kids, Our Heroes and KIDS IN CRISIS -Families in Crisis, recount real stories of incredible (and challenging) kids (and families), life and death decisions, miracle healings, dealing with loss, working with difficult parents and being wowed by parents who would happily give their lives in exchange for their child’s. Readers will experience the whole gamut of emotions -so be prepared.

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