Kids in Crisis

Kids in Crisis
Series: Pediatric ICU drama, Book 3
Genre: Family, Parenting & Relationships
ISBN: 9798605991298
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KIDS IN CRISIS –Families in Crisis is the final book in the KIDS IN CRISIS trilogy, a fast-moving memoir written by a retired Pediatric Intensive Care Unit nurse with many years of experience. The book focuses on the families accompanying their children who are being admitted into the PICU for assessment and cutting-edge medical care. It is written from a human-interest perspective and is not a clinical textbook. It comes with a glossary of terms for readers who are not familiar with medical jargon and like the two other books, KIDS IN CRISIS –Pediatric ICU 101 and KIDS IN CRISIS –PICU Kids, Our Heroes, it is a good read for nurses of all types and especially pediatric nurses, medical social workers, chaplains, Child Life Specialists, physicians in training and pediatricians, parents of kids who have experienced the tragedy of having a child admitted to a PICU, medical drama hounds and more. Tabitha, the author, is British by birth and a Christian and gathers her stories from various places of employment in California and Oregon. Witty at times, she tells it like it is. Exasperation, anger, and compassion seep through her stories as she works with an excellent team of practitioners, dealing with some of the best, and some of the worst families, that accompany her patients.Readers get the low-down on working with patients’ families in a PedsICU and the bonds that are made between staff, patients and their families, and one another. Naturally, some relationships are non-existent, or even negative, however that is the very real existence of a PICU nurse, especially of an opinionated, loud nurse, such as Tabitha. Her viewpoint might be expected when she describes some of her childhood in England and her family’s happenings as a parent to three lively children herself, in California.Throughout the book the kids, Our Heroes, are experiencing new situations and, as can be expected, everything does not turn out well for them, or their families. Readers are likely to have their eyes opened to the real stories going on behind the PICU doors. Family chaos filters into the PICU and the demanding, rudeness of some families can be shocking. Yet this is contrasted with the beauty of other kind, courteous, loving families. Tabitha describes the pain of the loss of a child through her eyes as she has worked with families. Heart-breaking –and an unfortunate aspect of working in a tertiary level PICU. You may even cry with her.In a nutshell –if you have a heart for kids, for sick kids, and live or work among rough-diamonds and others whose lives have been turned up-side-down by sickness or had miracle healings, and want to know more, then this kid-version of life’s down-side, might be a peek into an ICU that will challenge you to be the best you can be, in whatever field of work you choose. “Life is precious; handle it with prayer.”

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