Kids in Crisis

Kids in Crisis
Series: Pediatric ICU drama, Book 2
Genre: Family, Parenting & Relationships
Publication Year: 2019
Length: 210
ASIN: 1699056633
ISBN: 9781699056639
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KIDS IN CRISIS -PICU Kids, Our Heroes tells of the happenings behind the doors of the Pediatric ICU at Inland Valley Children’s Hospital in southern California. Tabitha, the author, is an experienced PICU nurse and part of the Team providing advanced medical care to many children who are admitted to the floor as Transports from nearby hospitals, or through the ER.The second book in her memoir about Pediatric ICU describes the challenges Team members, their patients -Our Heroes, and their families face. Sometimes miracles happen, sometimes it is a long hard road to recovery and sometimes death becomes inevitable. Tabitha discusses the matter of luck and consequences and how some kids endure long periods of time in PICU or have lives filled with medical challenges. How do the Team comfort families going through the worst time of their lives and losing the battle -and their child? When is an accident really an accident, and when is it a consequence?PICU Kids, Our Heroes is an educational resource for medical personnel involved in the care of critically ill children and for support staff and families who have experienced such challenging experiences. It is not an easy read because every question does not have an answer and because some answers are not what one wants to hear.By reading KIDS IN CRISIS -PICU Kids, Our Heroes, readers will better understand the difficulties all people involved in the stories face, no matter which side of the bed they are on. With this knowledge, perhaps future admissions will be avoided or possibly the new information will bring people into the arena of caring for critically ill children who previously had no idea as to what goes on in a Pediatric ICU.

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