Dragon Fire (A Clean Shifter Story)

Dragon Fire (A Clean Shifter Story)
Genre: Speculative Fiction
Publication Year: 2023
ASIN: 1942320450
ISBN: 9781942320456
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Fae, Humans, ShiftersSeparated, but destined be united once more.With no name she can remember, she fought to survive. Called a human, abandoned by her mother, left to forage on the street, told she carried a disease that infected everyone near her, and finally sacrificed to a dragon-but it was all a lie. Not entirely human, she was born for God’s good purpose and destined for an unimaginable future.Jydryn is a shifter living among the humans. He rescued another maiden from the village below his mountain-top cave. But she wasn’t like any of the others. From the first moment, the woman he named Keena changed everything. She was the answer to every prayer he never dared speak.Jydryn brought her out of the darkness of lies surrounding her and led Keena into a life she could never have imagined-one lit by the Dragon Fire ignited between them.

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