Audiobook Do-It-Yourself?

Audiobook Do-It-Yourself?
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I knew nothing about audiobooks, didn’t think about them or listen to them. But when a noted author described making audiobooks, it birthed a dream to be author/narrator for my new book, BOU Pilot, about my military flying.

I experimented with making the MP3 files myself, and learned making audiobooks from Audible/ACX. I thought making the files would be tedious, but I discovered I loved telling my story. Audible accepted the finished product, and it is online. Next, I wanted to experiment with the smoooth studio sound, and made an audiobook of a second book, Lord I Feel So Small. Audible says that out of 100,000 books published every year, only 5,000 are made into audiobooks. Authors who want to get their message into the hearts and ears of readers are losing out. They are also missing the royalty income and the chance to grow as an author into a new medium. I did it, and you can, too.

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