Adopting a Family for You

Adopting a Family for You
Genre: Family, Parenting & Relationships
Publication Year: 2023
ASIN: 1667893807
ISBN: 9781667893808
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The best kind of stories are love stories. In beautifully illustrated storybook format, Adopting a Family for You: A Love Story, portrays the complexity and beauty of a mother’s love. Share the journey of a birthmother who places her child into the arms of others to parent. No story is more bittersweet and complex than the love of this woman for her child, yet a birthmother’s voice is not often heard, her story untold and uncelebrated–leaving adopted children to believe they were abandoned and rejected. If you’ve ever loved a child, reached for something you couldn’t grasp, or faced an impossible decision, this book is for you. An apologetic for adoption, voice for birth mothers, healing assurance for adoptees, tribute to the value of every human life and testament to mother’s love. This book helps shift the often negative perception of the women who place their child for adoption.

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