2021 Cascade Writing Contest Winners

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Unpublished Contemporary Fiction Book
Rebekah Millet Game, Set, Matched

Unpublished Historical Fiction Book
Savanna Kaiser Son of the Shepherd

Unpublished Speculative Fiction Book
Pamela Thorson Blood Falls

Unpublished Nonfiction Book
Gilbert Gleason
Love So Amazing: The Missionary Biography of Bert and Colleen Elliot 

Unpublished Memoir
Lisa Baldwin She’s Still in There—Healing the Wounded Child Within

Unpublished Young Adult Book
Dawn Shipman To Soar on Jeweled Wings

Unpublished Middle Grade Book
Rachel Lulich The Red Door

Unpublished Children’s Chapter or Picture Book
Megan Soja Before the Light

Unpublished Poetry
Midge Shaw “Faithfulness in a Foreign Land”

Unpublished Devotional
Krista Lynn Campbell “Let’s Get Loud”

Unpublished Article or Column
Rinda LeSage “Bringing Hope to Women in Abusive Marriages”

Unpublished Nonfiction Short Story
Mary Curcio “How God Reveals a Murder to a Little Girl” 

Unpublished Short Story/Flash Fiction
Becca Kinzer “A Jane Austen Affair to Remember” 

Published Poetry
Julie Kepler “Marrow”

Published Devotional
Elena Dee “Take Off the Label” 

Published Article, Column, or Blog Post
Kristen Joy Wilks “The Silent Summer” 

Published Nonfiction Short Story
Harriet E. Michael “The Perfect Wait”

Published Short Story/Flash Fiction
Jeri Stockdale “Barrel Racing, Big Dreams and a Boyfriend to Boot”