Terrific Winter Workshops

Terrific Winter Workshops – 2016 Winter One-Day Conference

by Don White, OCW Program Coordinator

A.  “Staying Organized amidst the Chaos” with Robin Lee Hatcher. Writers don’t live in a bubble. Life happens outside the pages of the book. But we need to keep our fictional worlds in order as much as possible. Robin Lee Hatcher will share some of the tools she has put into practice through the years in order to stay on top of things. 

B. “Managing Success with Periodicals” How do you get your articles into the hands of readers and keep track of your submissions? Learn how to map out a process for generating and tracking your articles, stories, devotionals, and activities in a variety of publications. Track reprint rights and earn more income from your writing. Explore Lynn Hare’s original system for writing clear, targeted pieces so you can submit, resubmit, and reach readers with your Christ-centered message.

Lynn Hare is an award-winning freelance writer, certified teacher, poet, and member of OCW’s prayer team. A member of OCW for five years, she has published numerous devotionals and articles. An amateur songwriter and photographer, Lynn lives in Portland and has been married for 35 years. She has two sons, a daughter, and one grandson. She has been published in The Upper Room, The Secret PlaceChristian Communicator, LIVE, Pathways to God, Now What?, Purpose, and The Christian Journal. Visit her website at www.lynnhare.com.

C.  “Staying Spiritually Focused amid the Emotional Distractions of the Writing World” Does your writing journey seem like riding an emotional roller coaster? Do you feel vulnerable to exploitation by sweet-talking salespeople? Have you ever felt as though hijackers are trying to take your writing somewhere God never planned for it? And what does it mean for a Christian piece to be a “success” anyway? John Avery will examine the distractions that Christian writers face and help you reach the writing objectives that God has for you.

John Avery is a trained teacher with more than 30 years of experience as a Bible-teaching pastor, small-group leader, and missionary. He likes to hike, snowshoe, and cross-country ski. John writes Bible devotionals at www.BibleMaturity.com, one of which won the Oregon Christian Writers’ Cascade Award for published devotionals. He is the author of The Name Quest: Explore the Names of God to Grow in Faith and Get to Know Him Better and maintains a comprehensive resource for all the names of God at www.NamesForGod.net.

D. “Writing Real: Creating Characters Who Walk Off the Page and into Your Hearts” What does it take to develop a compelling protagonist—not just one who will carry the story, but one that encourages a life-change in your reader? How can you go from a one-dimensional character on the page to making a personal connection? This workshop will draw ideas from your own experiences or headlines in the news. You will learn to be honest with your characters, revealing their strengths as well as vulnerabilities. Go deeper with your protagonist and create a more intimate experience for your readers—and yourself!

April McGowan loves to write healing fiction—books that don’t just entertain but connect on a deeper level. She and her husband, two children, and her mews, Spookers, live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. April is a member of Oregon Christian Writers, American Christian Fiction Writers, and The Christian Authors Network. Her novel Jasmine was a Carol Award finalist. When she’s not writing, reading down her book list, homeschooling her two children, or playing board games, you might find her at her drum kit, imagining she’s on a world tour. Hey, it could happen. For more, see http://aprilmcgowan.com

E. “Serving Your Readers Through Social Media” We live in an exciting time, when social media enable us to reach new readers across the globe, and a platform allows us to sell our work to readers who feel they know us. Danika Cooley will share how to serve your readers through social media. By providing valuable content that will enrich and edify your readers, you will also win the right to share your own work with them, and they will come to see you as their ally and friend.

Danika Cooley is an author, curriculum developer, magazine writer, and blogger. She marketed her first book, When Lightning Struck: The Story of Martin Luther, in November and is preparing the campaign for her newest book, Wonderfully Made: God’s Story of Life from Conception to Birth. Danika’s Bible Road Trip is used in homes, schools, and churches around the globe.

F. “Self-Editing 101” Editing your own work is a lot like wrestling with an octopus. Just when you think you have all eight tentacles corralled, one slips out and smacks you upside the head. Should I use “which” or “that”? (They are not interchangeable.) Where does the word “only” fit in a sentence? (Where you put it can shade the meaning of your sentence.) Does your sentence really need to include the word “that”? (An important issue if you’re writing to word count.)

 Come learn some editing basics from freelance editor Sue Miholer, the OCW business manager, who owns Picky, Picky Ink. Sue estimates she has edited more than 50 book-length manuscripts in the last 17 years for publishers and individual clients. She also writes devotional pieces.

G. “Beyond Impossible: A Tale of Perseverance” Do you need encouragement or inspiration on your publishing journey? John C. Maxwell put this spin on an old proverb: “It’s said that a wise person learns from his mistakes. A wiser one learns from others’ mistakes. But the wisest person of all learns from others’ successes.” Hear about Camille Eide’s publishing dream, the journey it became, and the amount of perspiration, prayer, and a few other critical “P” words it took to realize that dream.

Camille Eide is the author of Like There’s No TomorrowLike a Love Song, and The Memoir of Johnny Devine (December 2015), all published by Ashberry Lane. The Memoir of Johnny Devine received a rare five-gold star rating from Romantic Times Book Reviews and a 2015 Reviewers’ Choice Award nomination in Inspirational Romance. Camille is a wife, mom, grammy, church office manager, and bass guitarist. She also co-created and leads a 30,000 member Facebook group for fans of Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart original TV series based on the work of Janette Oke.

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