What Agents and Editors Are Looking For

What Editors and Agents Are Looking for at Summer Conference


Kim Bangs, Regal (the book division of Gospel Light)

Regal is looking for:

  • Nonfiction that engages culture—outside and inside the church—in meaningful, relevant dialogue. These books should strongly apply the Bible to life, encourage a deeper Christian life, and move toward justice for all of life.
  • Regal does not publish fiction or children’s books and is not looking for Bible studies at this time.

Kim will review through the manuscript submissions program.

Jeff Gerke, Marcher Lord Press

Marcher Lord Press is looking for:

Completed manuscripts of 65,000+ words written for Christian adults, teens, or older YA (age 11+) in the speculative genres: science fiction, fantasy, time travel, etc.

We’ve also recently added our Marcher Lord Hinterlands imprint, which is speculative fiction (SF, fantasy, etc.) for adult audiences that has significant Christian content but may also contain more mature content and is targeted to the non-Christian adult or the mature Christian adult reader.

Jeff will review through the manuscript submissions program.

Nick Harrison, Harvest House Publishers

Harvest House is looking for:

  • Fiction—almost exclusively historical romance. Amish, Western, Southern, Civil War are all fine, but must include a romantic element.
  • Nonfiction—books that help people with felt needs. Preferably the author will have a platform from which to promote the book.
  • Not looking for gift books, personal stories, Bible exposition, or daily devotionals.

Nick will review through the manuscript submissions program.

Kim Moore, Harvest House Publishers

Harvest House is looking for:

  • Nonfiction books on women’s issues, relationships, and self-help topics from a biblical point of view. Word count of 50,000 to 70,000 words preferred.
  • NO Bible studies, workbooks, cookbooks, consolation books, memoirs, or books on marriage or parenting themes unless there is a special something that sets that project apart from the many options already available in the market or unless the author has a known name.


  • Amish novels
  • Historical romance
  • Romantic turn-of-the-century novels (1890–1935)
  • Romantic mystery
  • Cozy mysteries and romantic suspense
  • NO contemporary women’s fiction
  • NO biblical fiction
  • NO speculative fiction
  • NO chick lit
  • NO YA

Kim will take pitches at the conference only.

Don Pape, David C. Cook

David C. Cook is looking for:

  • Fiction—all categories EXCLUDING fantasy/sci-fi
  • Prefers historical, contemporary, and women’s
  • Nonfiction—Christian living, spiritual growth, devotionals, church ministry, or current issues
  • Children’s—will consider potential projects for both physical and digital only.

Don will review through the manuscript submissions program.

Raela Schoenherr, Bethany House Publishers

Bethany House is looking for:

  • Strong writers telling compelling stories. They will consider multiple genres, but are most interested in historical fiction, historical romance, contemporary or women’s fiction, contemporary romance, suspense/mystery, and romantic suspense.
  • They are not looking for fantasy/sci-fi, end times, spiritual warfare, or chick lit.

Raela will review through the manuscript submissions program.

Rick Steele, AMG Publishers

AMG Publishers is a mission-focused publishing house in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They publish approximately 20 new titles yearly and focus on books in the following genres:

  • Fiction: Inspirational Fantasy/Speculative/Sci-Fi/Visionary (including a high number of subgenres within the Fantasy/Spec category), Contemporary Fiction, Contemporary Suspense/Thriller, and Historical Fiction.
  • Nonfiction: AMG Publishers is also seeking niche-oriented daily devotionals for its Battlefields & Blessings series, Bible study workbook manuscripts, and Bible reference works.

Rick will review through the manuscript submissions program.


John Fortmeyer, Christian News Northwestwww.cnnw.com

Christian News Northwest welcomes submissions of news articles pertaining to Christian outreach in the region served. Because space is limited, articles should be concise and follow standard journalistic style. As a small, monthly publication, Christian News Northwest is not currently able to pay for stories submitted and published.

CNNW also welcomes expressions of opinion as submitted in letters to the editor or in special one-time commentaries. Letters should be written concisely and are subject to editing for brevity, clarity, legality, and taste. Letters should be issue-oriented and should avoid personal attacks on individuals or groups. Special commentaries should be pertinent to ministry concerns in the Northwest—top priority is given to writers living in Oregon and Washington. Commentaries should be approximately 700 words in length.

Christian News Northwest does not accept poetry submissions. John will review articles only through the manuscript submissions program.

Susan King, The Upper Room www.upperroom.org

The Upper Room is looking for:

Devotionals of no more than 300 words and should be double-spaced. Each author may submit up to three devotionals at a time. No proposals or queries.

Susan will review devotionals through the manuscript submissions program. Check specifications above.

Ginger Kolbaba, Today’s Christian Womanwww.gingerkolbaba.com

Today’s Christian Woman is looking for:

Crisp, honest writing about subjects that matter to women and stories of women making a difference in their communities and world.

Ginger will review articles and manuscripts at the conference.

Sherri Langton, Bible Advocate and Now What? – http://baonline.org/

Now What? is looking for:

  • Articles that address the “felt needs” of the unchurched (grief, depression, sickness, etc.). Each issue is built around a personal experience, with articles related to the topic. Personal experiences show a person’s struggle that either led to faith in Christ or deepened faith in God. No opinion pieces or poetry.

Bible Advocate is looking for:

  • Anything in the Bible, of the Bible, and for the Bible, but also wants writers to share what God is doing in their lives that may not fit exactly with the themes.
  • **November/December 2013 Issue: Thanksgiving, Bible prophecy, and end times. Deadline is August, 31, 2013.
  • BA exists to advocate the Bible and correct illiteracy concerning it and uses a teaching article format, but also accepts personal experience stories and poetry.
  • No Christmas or Easter pieces.

Sherri will review through the manuscript submissions program.

Chad McComas, The Christian Journal – www.TheChristianJournal.org

The Christian Journalneeds short articles on its monthly theme (see the theme list on their site) or any topic of Christian living and faith. Chad is willing to look over articles folks have written for publication in magazines, newspapers, and websites. Personal testimonies are always welcome. Theme articles get first choice.

Chad will review articles through the manuscript submissions program.

Paul Smith, LIVE – RadiantLife.org

LIVE is looking for:

  • Personal-experience short stories (maximum 1,100 words) that show how God works in the everyday world of people.
  • No book manuscripts!

Paul will review articles through the manuscript submissions program and also at the conference.


Joanna Lutz Echols, Focus on the Family – www.clubhousemagazine.com/clubjr

Clubhouse magazine (written for ages 8 to 12) is currently seeking:

  • articles about ordinary kids doing extraordinary things
  • Christian worldview/apologetics/biblical archeology (900 words including a sidebar)
  • quizzes with a point (example: “How Well Do You Get Along with Siblings?”)
  • fiction for ages 8–12 (1,600 words)

Clubhouse Jr. magazine (written for ages 3 to 7) is currently seeking:

  • science and nature articles (no longer than 600 words)
  • personality features of ordinary kids doing extraordinary things (no longer than 600 words)
  • little-known Bible stories told from a unique perspective (no longer than 800 words)
  • rebus stories that replace several repeated words with pictures of objects (no longer than 350 words)
  • rhyming poetry that tells a story (no longer than 250 words)
  • fun, interesting stories about unique animals
  • unique crafts that primarily use items families already have on hand
  • fiction for ages 3–7 (800 words)

Joanna will review articles through the manuscript submissions program.

Mary Hake – www.clp.org (Mary is a Christian Light Publications author representative.)

Christian Light Publications is looking for material for:

  • Story Mates (for ages 4 to 8) and Partners (for ages 9 to 14).

Christian Light story papers are published to foster reverence for God as Father and Creator and appreciation for His plan of salvation. They present God’s Word as Truth to trust and obey, and warn of the dangers and deceptions of the world. They are to build conviction and Christian character and to promote godly living. They should impress readers with the joy of serving Christ. Their purpose is edification, not entertainment, for a conservative Mennonite audience. They use KJV only. Theme lists are available for each quarter to accompany the Sunday school lessons. New writers must fill out a personal questionnaire before submitting to CLP. Extensive guidelines are available. Submit stories (up to 800 words for Story Mates and 1,600 words for Partners), rebuses, articles, poems, and activities to Mary Hake for review at the conference.

Mary is unable to acquire but can advise writers if their material is appropriate for CLP. Theme lists are also available. Mary will review any types of manuscripts for children’s papers


Karen Ball, The Steve Laube Agency – www.stevelaube.com/about/

Karen is looking for:

  • Books in all genres except fantasy and science fiction
  • Fiction, adult—all categories except speculative and Civil War historical.
  • Fiction, YA—only speculative
  • Nonfiction—only from authors with well-established platform
  • No theology, Bible studies, curricula, poetry

Karen will review through the manuscript submissions program.

Linda S. Glaz, Hartline Literary Agency – http://hartlineliteraryagency.blogspot.com/

Linda is looking for contemporary fiction, suspense, or historical.

Linda will review and take pitches at the conference only.

Greg Johnson, Wordserve Literary www.wordserveliterary.com

Greg is looking for:

  • Nonfiction in all genres by authors with a developing platform.
  • Military memoir
  • Self-help
  • Christian/religious
  • Business
  • Humorous quirky memoir
  • True life stories that have media appeal
  • Fiction: Faith-based fiction with a strong voice in their writing.
  • Military
  • Christian/religious
  • Historical
  • Women’s Romantic Suspense

Not looking for:

  • Children’s Picture books or YA fiction
  • Poetry
  • Romance
  • Horror/SciFi/Literary

Greg will review through the manuscript submissions.

Mary Keeley, Books & Such Literary Agency – www.booksandsuch.biz

Mary is looking for:

  • Nonfiction: most interested in faith-in-action messages that deliver authentic experience and inspire a deeper relationship with God and with other people; books that deal with current issues from a Christian worldview, especially those that would appeal to the younger generation. Christian living, spiritual growth, pastoral/church leadership.
  • Fiction: most interested in romance, romantic suspense, suspense, contemporary women’s fiction, and historical romance with a powerful hook and writing so compelling readers can’t put it down.
  • Not interested in children’s, fantasy, science fiction, or chick lit.

Mary will review through the manuscript submissions program.

Chip MacGregor, MacGregor Literary www.MacGregorLiterary.com

Chip is currently looking for:

  • Fiction:  both CBA and general market fiction, particularly in the romance and suspense categories.
  • Nonfiction: targeted Christian Living titles from authors with a demonstrated platform, as well as business, parenting, and lifestyle titles in the general market.

Chip will review through the manuscript submissions program.

Mary Sue Seymour, The Seymour Agency – www.theseymouragency.com

Mary Sue is looking for :

Inspirational romance—Amish, 1800s-set historical, and any inspirational historical set prior to 1800. Inspirational nonfiction and some Amish romance as well.

Mary Sue will review through the manuscript submissions program.

Les Stobbe, Stobbe Literary Agency – www.stobbeliterary.com

Les is looking for:

As a first priority, adult nonfiction and fiction book proposals that are considered publishable. Authors are to have done research on which genres are selling, length expected by publishers, and topics that are taboo in Christian publishing. No sci-fi or adult fantasy.

Les is willing to interact on children’s and YA book projects, but will direct writers to his associate, Sally Apokedak, whose primary focus is children’s and YA literature. At a conference he is ready to interact with anyone with a book idea and help the writer along the way toward developing a publishable book.

Les will review through the manuscript submissions program.