Treasurer’s News

The Price of Gas in China… or Oregon

by Billie Reynolds, OCW Treasurer

The world is changing rapidly and for years we heard the phrase, “What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?” A more valid noun today would be gas, not tea. Because gas prices are rising again, it is prudent that you invite your writing friends to carpool and encourage your neighbor who wants to write those family memories to ride with you to the conferences and share the cost of the fuel.

The best way you can support your writing habit is to attend each conference, network, and interact with the editors and agents at our summer conference  and learn what products they’re buying.

Our OCW expenses are all paid, including costs for the one-day conferences and some ads for our exciting summer conference. Sue Miholer runs a tight ship as business manager, and Angella Diehl works her web magic frugally. OCW is most fortunate to have professionals who donate extra time to make the organization run smoothly.

OCW has many wonderful features—great writers, genuine speakersstrong prayer, caring value placed on each writer, and, at our summer conference, talented agents and publishers’ representatives seeking marketable writing. At most writing groups, competitive members clamor to be first to meet celebrities and gain notice. At OCW conferences I see many kindnesses, including people making room to allow others to meet the speakers. What a refreshing group of gentlemen and ladies to share time with while we all learn to hone our writing craft.

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