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COUNTDOWN to the Conference!

In this final week before our annual Summer Coaching Conference – we’ll host a bunch of informative posts and checklists that will get you ready for the conference (or any conference this summer!) Make sure you’ve gone through all the amazing articles we’ve already posted: - Susan May Warren’s Personal Invitation - Chip MacGregor’s 10 Ways to Prepare for Writing ... Read More »

Why does social media & a website matter as an author?

Published or unpublished, you need to have a website. I doubt there are many agents, editors or other writers who disagree with that statement. Publishing has changed, and readers are finding books in different ways. They explore books in new ways. They connect with authors in ways unimagined by authors fifteen or twenty years ago. Angella Foret Diehl’s Writers on ... Read More »

Summer Conference Countdown: 86 Days Away

86 days might seem like a lot. August is months away, right? But – each day counts. If you want to take your writing career to the next level, it’s time to take each day seriously. What should you do now? 1. Register for Summer Conference. A $100 deposit is all that is required to reserve your spot. Besides, paying ... Read More »

How can I possibly keep up with social media trends?

As someone who works full time to keep up with social media news, implement social media stratgegies and measure social media return-on-investment, I can tell you that it is impossible to keep up with every trend, every new platform. So don’t try. But it does pay off to be aware of two things: - Your audience - Where your audience ... Read More »

Social Media & Writers Conferences

I introduced myself a few weeks back as an admitted social media nerd. I’ll blog a lot about social media and how it benefits writers especially. Today, we’ll talk about my favorite aspect of social networking: the people! Many scoff at social media and say “Oh I like talking with real people…” but a lot of these people don’t quite ... Read More »