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2016 Manuscript Submission Program

Manuscript Submission Guidelines for Registered Conferees Beginning June 1, registered conferees will be able to send mini-proposals and magazine articles to an address that will be provided. The manuscript coordinator will send your manuscript(s) on to the editor(s) and/or agent(s) you indicate. Please do not send anything directly to an agent or editor. The information below is intended to help you prepare for the process of submitting your manuscript.

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2014 Magazine/Newspaper Editors

If you want to expand your reader-circle, think seriously about submitting to periodical editors. Whether you are writing fiction or nonfiction, you could turn your research into an article or a devotional. Writing for magazines or e-zines gives you publishing experience and a wider (often much wider) audience than a book will—and more immediate compensation. Also, as your career progresses, you can market your books through your bio printed with the articles. It’s a great way to build those bylines. Editors and agents love to find writers with exposure! (Note: Not all of these are paying markets.)

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Focus on Faculty: Joanna Lutz Echols

Focus on Faculty: Get Ready for the Editor Appointment An Interview with an associate editor from Focus on the Family, Joanna Lutz Echols Editor Appointments at a conference are one of the most important opportunities a writer will have to get his or her work published. With so much riding on a fifteen-minute meeting, it’s no wonder we approach these …

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