Summer Conference 2012 Sneak Peek

A Sneak Peek at Summer Conference Coaching Classes

“Beat Resistance and Write Like Crazy” with Caleb Breakey

You’ll eradicate writer’s block forever in the first 25 minutes of this class, but the major focus of our roundtable will be RESISTANCE—our greatest nemesis. Learn to focus ferociously and write productively. The instructor is an author and writing mentor.

“Writing to Reach the Unbeliever” with Terry Burns

Terry discusses using fiction to spread God’s Word and the difference between writing for the Christian market and writing in hopes of reaching an unbeliever. Terry will talk about how to reach desired audiences. The instructor is a literary agent and author.

“Writers on the Web” with Angella Foret Diehl

This hands-on coaching class will walk you through the basics of setting up your website based on the popular, easy-to-use WordPress format. Instructor is a web designer and author.

“Playing with Words: A Poetry Workshop” with Lonnie Hull DuPont

This workshop is for seasoned poets, would-be poets, or any writers who want to nudge the right side of the brain to open up their writing. Together conferees will experiment with lots of poetry-writing exercises and write new poems. The coach is a poet and editor.

“The First 50 Pages” with Jeff Gerke

The opening 50 pages carry a surprising amount of weight for beginning a novel correctly. Jeff pulls from his Writers Digest book The First 50 Pages to show how to begin a novel with the skill and intentionality that keeps readers’ eyes glued to the page. Instructor is an editor and author.

“Marketing 101” with Randy Ingermanson

The “Snowflake Guy” will teach how to market your book, beginning with building a platform. This class will focus on the five main parts of your online platform. Randy used the strategies and techniques in this class to market his best-selling book Writing Fiction for Dummies.

“Finding the Story in Everyday Experiences: Writing Powerful Narrative Nonfiction” with Sherri Langton

A magazine editor teaches how to craft a story so it catches an editor’s eye. This class will help you write powerful nonfiction for magazines and will explore how story communicates biblical truth, where ideas come from, and how to be sure an idea is marketable.

“Re•vision: Re-Imagining Your Novel” with Andy Meisenheimer (for intermediate/advanced writers)

Revising your novel isn’t just about grammar and syntax; it’s not just about word choice or showing and telling. It’s about seeing again—rediscovering a vision for your work that is deeper, more captivating, more entertaining, and more profound. The class, taught by a freelance editor to the stars, will help you develop skills to judge your own work and effectively realize its potential.

“Ministry in Writing” with Cec Murphy

Your most honest writing becomes your best writing. As you probe within and accept who you are, you expand your capacity and your writing becomes richer and stronger. This course incorporates material from Cec’s book Unleashing the Writer Within.

“Creating Unique Stories with Spiritual Heft” with Jim Rubart

Do you long to create stories that ring with authentic spiritual depth? Do you want to know how to develop story ideas that will make a major impact on readers? For those who want to break out of the pack, Jim will explain the techniques he has used for his own award-winning stories.

“Twenty-Five Principles of Feature and Magazine Writing” with David Sumner

This class offers conferees a review of the most time-tested techniques for producing lively and compelling features for magazines, newspapers, websites, and books. Dr. Sumner, aka Professor Magazine, will teach techniques from his popular textbook Feature and Magazine Writing: Action, Angle and Anecdotes.

“Movin’ and Groovin’: Advanced Novelization Techniques” with Susan May Warren (for intermediate to advanced writers)

You’ve learned the steps of basic novel building. Now it’s time to ramp up your writing with advanced writing techniques: Characterization, Storyworld, Story Stakes Versus Motivation, and Descriptive Writing. Coach is a best-selling novelist and founder of My Book Therapy.

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