Spring 2017

One-Day Conference: Join us for a day of inspiration, workshops to develop your writing craft, and fellowship with other writers.

~Spring One-Day Conference May 20 ~
8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Northwest Christian University (map)
Eugene, Oregon

“Rekindling Your Passion: Encouragement for the Christian Writer”

“Encourage one another with these words” (1 Thessalonians 4:18 NIV).

Keynote speakers: Kay Marshall Strom and Dan Kline

Keynote with Kay Marshall Strom: “Finding Your Universal Truth”

Kay Marshall Strom

Kay Marshall Strom
In addition to her 42 books and film scripts, Kay Marshall Strom has written numerous devotionals, magazine articles, and curricula. She has also taught writing at the university level, so she has the knowledge and experience to help you jumpstart your career by writing shorter pieces.



Keynote with Dan Kline: “What Is Prosperity for the Writer?”

Daniel Kline

Daniel Kline
Daniel Kline has been a public speaker, editor, and writer for three decades. With his wife and partner, Kay Strom, he has done writing workshops in most of the colleges in California, and developed and taught a writers’ certificate program at Long Beach State. With his vast experience in writing, editing, and ghostwriting, Dan knows how to polish pieces so they will be accepted by agents and publishers.


Afternoon Workshops

All workshops are suitable for all writers—beginner to advanced.

Session 1

A. “The Power of Writing Small” ~ Kay Marshall Strom (short pieces)

B. “An Agent Reviews the Recent Changes in Publishing” ~ Nick Harrison (publishing)

C. “Write Nonfiction that Arouses Readers” ~ Maxine Marsolini (nonfiction)

D. “Building Your Platform with MailChimp” ~ Karen Barnett (marketing)

Session 2

E. “Edit Your Manuscript Before You Submit” ~ Daniel Kline (all genres)

F. “‘The Exact Representation of His Nature’: Or What Literature Has to Do with Fiction Writing” ~ James Watson (fiction)

G. “The Art of Writing Letters: Encouraging Others and Extending Your Reach” ~ Yvonne Kays (letter ministry)

F. “Power Tips: Get Published in Periodicals!” ~ Lynn Hare (periodicals)


Agent connection opportunity:
Tawny Johnson, an agent with D.C. Jacobson & Associates, will be taking 15-minute appointments in the afternoon. Please read below to learn more.

Manuscript Submission Drawing:
There will also be a drawing for a free proposal submission from Christian Manuscript Submissions https://www.christianmanuscriptsubmissions.com/ (a $98 value)

4:00–4:30 p.m.
Dessert, Autograph Party, and Photo Session with keynoters and workshop teachers. All authors are available to sign their books.


Tuition is $45 for members, $75 for nonmembers, and $35 for full-time students

Workshop Descriptions

Kay Marshall Strom: “The Power of Writing Small” (short pieces)

Kay Marshall Strom

Why write shorter works when a major book is calling you? Because it helps perfect your writing before your major project. You will learn how to eliminate the unnecessary, give greater power to the necessary, and tell the difference between them. And because it gives you a chance to be published sooner, it provides the beginnings of that all-important platform.



Nick Harrison: “An Agent Reviews the Recent Changes in Publishing” (publishing)

The past decade has seen phenomenal changes in publishing, particularly Christian publishing. In this workshop, we’ll discuss some of the most significant changes and how they affect the Christian writer. There will be a question and answer session at the end. You’ll have a rare opportunity to hear from someone who has seen all sides of the industry as a writer, editor, and now as a literary agent.

Nick Harrison
Nick Harrison

Nick Harrison has written and published several Christian books and has been a mentor to many successful writers while working as the senior editor at Harvest House. With more than 30 years’ experience in every facet of the industry, from retail to his present career as a literary agent, Nick has unique insight into the changes and current challenges for writers who want to be published.


Maxine Marsolini: “Write Nonfiction that Arouses Readers” (nonfiction)

Truth remains relevant. Good nonfiction is the marriage of craft and literary creativity. When done well, readers find inspiration, answers, motivation, hope, curiosity, and the desire to change their lives by something they’ve read. Nonfiction genres include self-development, family helps, health and fitness, memoir, and much more. The writing may be personal—or not—but if you’re ready to move your heart’s stirrings into print, this class is for you.

Maxine Marsolini

Maxine Marsolini is the author of five nonfiction books, and is a past president of Oregon Christian Writers. As a life coach, the founder of Rebuilding Families (www.rebuildingfamilies.net), and co-host of The River blog talk radio (www.blogtalkradio/krvr), she has helped countless people and families, and she can help you put your nonfiction publishing dreams into reality.


Karen Barnett: “Building Your Platform with MailChimp” (marketing)

Book editors at the 2016 OCW Summer Conference were asked what the number one thing was they were seeking in an effective platform. Their answer? “A strong email list.” Karen will walk you through the basics on how to set up a list, invite readers to join, manage the information, and design a basic email newsletter using MailChimp.

Karen Barnet
Karen Barnett

Karen Barnett is the author of Mistaken, Out of the Ruins, Beyond the Ashes, and Through the Shadows. She received the OCW Writer of Promise Award, the Cascade Award for published historical fiction, and was recently honored as Mount Hermon Christian Conference’s Writer of the Year for 2016. She and her husband, Steve, make their home in Albany with their two children and three crazy dachshunds.


Daniel Kline: “Edit Your Manuscript Before You Submit” (all genres)

Daniel Kline

There are many ways an otherwise truly fine manuscript can stumble when it reaches an editor’s desk. Often these are in the form of simple errors, omissions, misspellings, and/or phraseology. With slides and handouts, Dan will cover the most common writer errors. Time permitting, he will address your questions at the end, and (within reason) will welcome some post-workshop editing questions by email.


James Watson: “‘The Exact Representation of His Nature’: Or What Literature Has to Do with Fiction Writing” (fiction)

Genre fiction runs the risk of devolving into mere entertainment, disconnected from reality and thus no more a part of the labor in God’s Kingdom than the latest season of The Bachelor. Does this matter? Is there such a thing as innocuous escapism? Or does story hold within its very fabric an obligation to truth? One can argue both sides, so in this workshop, we’ll look at several profound writers who were also Christians, alongside some Christians who happen to be writers of a sort, and see if we can make heads or tails (or tales) of it.

James Watson

Dr. James Watson lives in the shadow of a misty hill at the foot of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, with one saint, five boys, and a preternaturally intuitive cat. He teaches English of a sort at Northwest Christian University and has recently published his first novel, A Window on the Door. He earned his doctorate from Baylor University and has published articles regarding literary giants of the 20th century.


Yvonne Kays: “The Art of Writing Letters: Encouraging Others and Extending Your Reach” (letter ministry)

How are your letter-writing skills? How do we hone words to touch the heart? What are our purposes for letters today? Historically, letters have touched us all. Letter writing is not a lost art but a necessary tool for the serious writer. Is God calling you to a season of letter writing? Let’s explore together! There may be people who are desperately waiting for your words of encouragement.

Yvonne Kays

Yvonne Kays, a grateful OCW member since 2006, writes short stories and poetry and is working on a historical novel about her uncle’s WWII story. She has been published in the Chicken Soup book series, James Stuart Bell’s book Encountering Jesus, LIVE, God’s Word for Today, and several other periodicals. She is a two-time Cascade Writers Contest finalist in published poetry, and she writes from Bend.


Lynn Hare: “Power Tips: Get Published in Periodicals!” (articles)

How do you find periodicals (magazines, newspapers, etc.) that will publish your articles? What are their writers’ guidelines? Where can you get sample copies? Attend this workshop to learn how to map out a process for generating and tracking your stories, articles, devotionals, and other pieces in a variety of publications. Explore Lynn’s original system for writing clear, targeted pieces, tracking reprints in multiple periodicals, and reaching your readers for Christ.

Lynn Hare

Lynn Hare (www.lynnhare.com) is an award-winning author, speaker, certified teacher, and member of OCW’s prayer team. Her devotions, stories, articles, and poetry have been published in numerous Christian publications, including Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Upper Room, The Secret Place, Pathways to God, and many others. Her first book, The Quest for Self-Forgiveness, debuted in March. She lives in Portland with her husband of 36 years, Tim.



Tawny Johnson

Tawny Johnson is a literary agent with D.C. Jacobson & Associates. Her years of experience as regional manager, buyer, and marketing director for a successful chain of 10 Christian bookstores give Tawny the ability to recognize relevance and marketability. Before becoming an agent, Tawny worked for Multnomah Press in marketing, advertising, and international book rights. Tawny holds a bachelor’s degree in Bible and theology with a minor in English literature from Multnomah University, and a master’s degree in theological studies from Multnomah Biblical Seminary. Her first encounter with Christ came through reading a memoir, so she understands how God can use Christian books to touch the heart of a searching soul, and considers it a privilege to work with authors to encourage their work.

Tawny is looking for: Nonfiction: Memoir, Parenting, marriage, Christian Living, men’s, women’s
Tawny is not looking for: fiction, Bible study, children’s, gift books