2015 Recordings

Welcome to the OCW Summer Conference 2015 Recordings page!

Full Conference Recording on Flash Drive $75

The following sessions are available on the 2015 summer conference flash drive. To order, please use the downloadable 2017 recordings order form. Conference recordings are also available for purchase in the OCW Conference Bookstore at One Day Conferences and Summer Conference


  1. Ed Underwood – “Writing as a Cherished Child”
  2. Ed Underwood – “Writing as One under Grace”
  3. Ed Underwood – “Writing from a Life Offered to God”
  4. Jane Kirkpatrick –“Bringing Salt and Light to the World Beyond”

Coaching Classes (seven hours each)

  1. Middle Grade and Young Adult Novels That Sell – Sally Apokedak
  2. Crafting Bible Studies for Spiritual Growth – Terri Kalfas
  3. Weaving Story Threads in Fiction – Jane Kirkpatrick
  4. How to Become a Best-Selling Author with Your First Credit (Magazine Writing) – Susan King
  5. “No Fear” Book Publishing Strategies That Work! – David Sanford
  6. The Language of Screenwriting – Nancy Ellen Dodd
  7. How to Be an Insanely Great Indie Author – Randy Ingermanson

Workshops (one hour each)

  1. Self-Editing for Success – Karen Ball
  2. Cover to Cover: Ten Essentials of a Nonfiction Book – Vicki Crumpton
  3. When God Calls You to Write – Terri Kalfas
  4. Seeing Is Believing: What Agents and Editors See Between the Lines of Your Proposal – Mary Keeley
  5. Developing Your Voice – Sheila Seifert
  6. To Market, to Market – Tamela Hancock Murray and Gail Sattler
  7. How to Start and End a Story Well – Paul Smith
  8. Write to Touch the Hearts of Children – Helen Haidle and Jeannie St. John Taylor
  9. Finding Readers: The Ultimate Key to Success – Greg Johnson
  10. Plotting for the Heart, Soul, and Mind: Crafting a Story That Resonates – Susan May Warren
  11. Magnificent Memoir – Alice Crider
  12. Empower Your Characters – Leslie Gould
  13. Platform—To Build or Not to Build? – Ed Underwood
  14. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Working with a Literary Agent – Wendy Lawton
  15. Four Smart Things Rich Authors Do – Randy Ingermanson
  16. From Personal Experience to the Printed Page – Sherri Langton
  17. Blogging and Blogging Tours—The Whys and Wherefores – Rebecca LuElla Miller
  18. To Speak or Not to Speak; There Is No Question – James L. Rubart

Full Conference Recording Flashdrive $75.00 



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