SC 2015 Magazine and Newspaper Editors

If you want to expand your reader circle, think seriously about submitting to periodical editors. Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, you could turn your research into an article or a devotional. Writing for magazines or e-zines gives you publishing experience and a wider (often much wider) audience than a book will—and more immediate compensation. Also, as your career progresses, you can market your books through your bio printed with the articles. It’s a great way to build those bylines. Editors and agents love to find writers with exposure! (Note: Not all of these are paying markets.)

Remember: Bring extra articles/pitches to the conference and sign up for on-the-spot meetings with these editors in the Writing Center.

Review the editors’ preferences and what they’re looking for. Note:

  • Magazine and newspaper editors may accept articles or devotionals through the conference Manuscript Submission Program. See the guidelines here: (link to
  • Some will review submissions only at the conference.
John Fortmeyer, Christian News Northwest

John Fortmeyer –

  • Writing Center (Tuesday only)

John Fortmeyer, of Newberg, is the publisher of Christian News Northwest, a 29,000-circulation monthly newspaper he founded 21 years ago. The newspaper is available at about 1,700 locations in western and central Oregon and southwest Washington. John has 38years of experience in newspaper work in Oregon and Washington, having worked earlier for dailies and weeklies in Ontario, Astoria, Portland, and Anacortes. He also was the director of public information at George Fox University for seven years. A native of Seattle, he received a bachelor’s degree in communications in 1977 from Seattle Pacific University, where he was editor of the campus newspaper. He and his wife, Sandy, have four grown children and eight grandchildren.

As the name implies, Christian News Northwest has a strong focus on ministry-related news in our part of the Pacific Northwest. Christian News Northwest welcomes submissions of news articles pertaining to Christian outreach in the region served. Because space is limited, articles should be concise and follow standard journalistic style. As a small, monthly publication, CNNW is presently unable to pay for stories.

CNNW is looking for:

Expressions of opinion as submitted in letters to the editor or in special one-time commentaries. Letters should be written concisely and are subject to editing for brevity, clarity, legality, and taste. Letters should be issue-oriented and should avoid personal attacks on individuals or groups. Special commentaries should be pertinent to ministry concerns in the Northwest—top priority is given to writers living in Oregon and Washington. Commentaries should be approximately 700 words in length.

CNNW does not accept poetry submissions.

John will review articles through the Manuscript Submission Program before the conference.

Susan King –

  • Coaching Class: How to Become a Best-Selling Author with Your First Credit (or How to Write for Magazines)
  • Magazine Editor Panel (Monday)
  • Writing Center
Susan King
Susan King

Susan King is an associate editor of The Upper Room magazine, where she has been for 20 years. She has also taught English at Lipscomb University (Nashville, TN) for 20 years and functions as a seminar facilitator in leadership and group dynamics. Formerly she taught English and feature writing at Biola University and Abilene Christian University, served as book editor and radio-program producer/on-air talent for The Institute of Scriptural Psychology, and wrote magazine features as a freelance writer.

The Upper Room is looking for:

Devotionals of no more than 300 words, which should be double-spaced. Each author may submit up to three devotionals at a time. See the guidelines for specifics.

Susan will review devotionals through the Manuscript Submission Program before the conference.

Sherri Langton –   

  • Workshop: From Personal Experience to the Printed Page
  • Magazine Editor Panel (Monday)
  • Writing Center
Sherri Langton
Sherri Langton

Sherri Langton, associate editor of the Bible Advocate magazine  and of Now What? e-zine, has worked for more than 25 years in Christian publishing. She is an award-winning freelance writer whose work has appeared in Focus on the Family, In Touch, The Upper Room, Today’s Christian Woman, Marriage Partnership, Discipleship Journal, Decision, Quiet Hour, and other publications. Sherri also has contributed to Chicken Soup for the Soul in Menopause, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Parenthood, My Turn to Care, Teatime Stories for Women, Becoming a Godly Man, Faces of Faith, and Hurray God! In addition, she teaches worrkshops at several Christian writers’ conferences. Sherri lives in Denver, Colorado, where she enjoys playing drums and percussion at her church.

Bible Advocate is looking for:

Personal experiences for Now What? These address a problem that either led a person to Christ or deepened his/her faith in God. We do not need stories regarding miscarriages, since we’ve posted several of those in recent years.

Sherri will review magazine articles through the Manuscript Submission Program before the conference.

Chad McComas –  

  • Magazine Editor Panel (Monday)
  • Writing Center
Chad McComas
Chad McComas

Chad McComas feels it is a privilege to serve the southern Oregon and northern California community through the pages of The Christian Journal with articles and stories of inspiration and encouragement. He loves helping writers get a first byline and spur on their writing careers. In addition, Chad is the executive director of Rogue Retreat, which provides permanent supportive housing for the homeless in Jackson County. He also serves as the board chair for Compass House, a clubhouse for those with a mental health diagnosis, and he is on the board for the Addiction Recovery Center in Medford.

The Christian Journal needs:

Short articles related to its monthly theme (see the theme list on the website) or articles of encouragement, inspiration, devotional, Christian living, and faith, as well as real stories of God’s work in lives. Chad is willing to look over articles written for publication in other magazines, newspapers, and websites. Personal testimonies are always welcome. Theme articles get first choice.

Chad will be available for appointments (sign up) at conference.

Sheila Seifert –

  • Workshop: Developing Your Voice
  • Magazine Editor Panel (Monday)
  • Writing Center
Sheila Seifert
Sheila Seifert

Sheila Seifert is the director of parenting content for Thriving Family magazine—a marriage and parenting publication published by Focus on the Family. She has co-written more than 20 books, has had more than 1,000 freelance sales, and has watched one of her scripts air on PBS. Her books include women’s historical fiction, mystery novels for tweens, biblically based choose-your-own-adventures, and e-books on writing. Sheila is the founder of and has taught writing, literature, and reading as a university instructor.

Thriving Family and is looking for:

Short articles of less than 300 words. Manuscripts should offer a practical, hands-on parenting tip for one specific problem that other parents can immediately use in their families. This should be written in first person and pertain to things that have been successful with children.

Long articles of600 to 800 words parenting articles that offer a unique insight, are entertaining, and give practical ideas.

The full article should be sent. No query is needed. The preferred font is 14-point Palatine, but 14-point Times New Roman is okay too. Contact info, which includes name, address, phone number, and email address, should be on the manuscript. The title should be bold.

Sheila will review through the Manuscript Submission Program before the conference.

Paul W. Smith –

  • Workshop: How to Start and End a Story Well
  • Magazine Editor Panel (Monday)
  • Writing Center
Paul W. Smith
Paul W. Smith

Paul Smith is the managing editor of curriculum for Assemblies of God publishing (Gospel Publishing House) in Springfield, Missouri. He and his staff provide editorial services for publications ranging from brochures to books and everything in between in both English and Spanish. From 1990–2007, he had direct editorial oversight of Radiant Life adult and young adult Sunday school curriculum as well as LIVE, a take-home paper for adults, and God’s Word for Today, an adult daily devotional. Paul is an ordained Assemblies of God minister and is the author of many articles and several correspondence courses, including the several institute-level courses.

Paul’s hobbies include collecting finely crafted sculptures by Thomas Blackshear, mugs from the cities he visits, and Star Trek memorabilia, as well as building models. He has also been seen roaming the backwoods of Arkansas outfitted as a Roman soldier trying to experience what it might have been like to live in the first century AD.

LIVE is looking for:

Short stories that show how God interacts with people in the everyday circumstances of life. These stories can vary from the mundane to the fantastic, but must show (not tell) how God works in, through, to, and for people. The Christian message should be clear without explanation.

The stories should have one-inch margins, 12 point serif type (e.g., Times New Roman), double-spaced paragraphs with a first line indent of .5 inches (no extra space between paragraphs). Word count should be 400–1,000 words. The first page should have the author’s contact information in the upper left-hand corner with the word count in the upper right. The story should start halfway down the first page; subsequent pages should be numbered with the author’s name in the header.

Paul will review through the Manuscript Submission Program before the conference.

Ben Wolf –

  • Workshop: Stress—The Writer’s Secret Weapon
  • Workshop: Writing Short Stories/Flash Fiction That Sells
  • Magazine Editor Panel (Monday)
  • Writing Center
  • Critique Clinic and Pitch Lab
Ben Wolf
Ben Wolf

Ben founded Splickety Publishing Group to meet the needs of busy folks like him: people who appreciate great fiction but don’t have much time to read. Splickety’s magazines acquire flash fiction stories of 1,000 words or less in multiple genres. Havok acquires speculative fiction, Splickety Love acquires romance, and Splickety Prime acquires just about everything else. For a full list of our submission guidelines and our annual themes, please visit our website.

Ben has written six action/adventure novels (five he considers good) and has multiple other projects in the works. His first novel, Blood for Blood, debuted in September, 2014. Ben is a frequent speaker and teacher at writing conferences and offers a variety of professional services to other writers, including editing, proofreading, consulting, and one-on-one mentoring. For more information about Ben’s writing, visit,

Ben will review through the Manuscript Submission Program before the conference.



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