President’s Corner

Birth Fresh Goals

by Maxine Marsolini, OCW President
“Goals are dreams we convert to plans and take action to fulfill.” ―Zig Ziglar

A new year brings with it ample opportunity to set fresh writing goals in motion. Every great idea needs a push from behind the scenes before it can benefit someone else. As the year opens, let’s take stock of what we want to accomplish over the next 12 months.

Behind every good idea is a determined amount of energy, which drives that vision along to completion. It’s important that we first measure our use of time on a daily and weekly basis. Define the overarching goal. Perhaps it’s finishing a book manuscript or submitting an article once a week.

Next, list the lesser goals needed to convert ideas into polished and publishable products. Some of us might devise a plan to write for two hours a day five days a week. Others will choose to set a bigger block of time aside. How much time will be scheduled for research or seeking endorsements?

A lack of creativity is never our problem. The opposite is usually true. We’ve got a couple of projects we are working on and file folders full of ideas to write . . . someday. Most will lie dormant for years to come. But the hot topics, those rare and wonderful ones, are itching to be brought out into the world.

Early goal setting helps to pave the way from the germination of an idea to its appearance in the marketplace.

There’s no substitute for laying out an action plan. This step is as important a component to a writer as a birthing class is to a woman ready to welcome her first child.

The typical New Year’s resolution could be better called wishful thinking. Within a few weeks, the declaration is of no further interest. Tangible goals are different—much stronger by nature.

I’m eager to see what God will do as I set out to complete my manuscript by April 1st. Lots of work remains to be done and interruptions will come, but this goal is doable, provided I rid myself of indecision and stick to my plan.

It is a privilege to serve as your president. I am surrounded by creative people who give sacrificially of themselves to bring forth the craft of writing and connect others to the publishing world.

As 2014 unfolds, please remember Oregon Christian Writers exists to help you succeed. This is a place where dreams are launched. This might be the year when your goals move from the birthing room into the marketplace.

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