President’s Corner

The Mysterious Gift of Writing

by Maxine Marsolini, OCW President

Maxine 2Like white is to snowflakes, being a writer feels natural to me. Maybe there’s a genetic component; maybe not. In my family, I am a fourth-generation writer. From a young age, I liked writing and participated in journalism class but never purposely set out to be a writer. Truthfully, I did my best not to pursue this vocation. Ironically, I became an author.

Some of you may have a similar story. Like me, your mysterious gift of writing has a persistent nature, an unrelenting creative source that gushes out to splash sentences on paper.

Where does such a strong desire come from? What drives us to put words in print for others to read? And why does our gift sometimes rest dormant for years before awakening?

Upon personal exploration and Bible reading, the mystery began to unwrap. The source of a writer’s ability to paint word pictures is twofold. First and foremost, writing is a gift placed within us by our Creator. Exodus 35:30–35 tells how God’s gift of skills was purposely given to those who built the tabernacle.

Becoming an expert craftsmen or designer, no matter the craft, is never solely a result of personal ambition. Like the expert embroiderer or goldsmith, the desire to write is not a whim at all but a specially chosen gift from the Lord before our lungs ever took a breath.

Second, the message God uniquely plans for us to write takes time and experience to ripen before our readers can benefit. In revisiting my past, it didn’t take long to see how life’s circumstances, even the poor choices and painful memories, had granted me wisdom that became useful material for my books and articles. God’s timing for me to get serious about writing was perfect. Any sooner and my work would have been pitifully shallow.

Don’t worry that your writing didn’t start earlier in life. Be thankful the gift was opened. Somewhere along life’s journey every writer faces a decision to unwrap their God-given talent to move thoughts of stories to tell from mere notions lying dormant in the mind to words on paper. Most will have to stifle fear of failure in order to overcome obstacles necessary to the craft of writing.

I pray every one of you can become as excited as I am to appreciate the gift God has entrusted—that you won’t lie down satisfied until there is an expression of being in harmony with God’s purpose for you.

I am delighted to begin my term as president of OCW alongside such a gifted group of writers. Will you join me in giving Him glory for such a good gift? You are expert craftsmen given a mysterious ability to wake up day after day hungry to create story, word helps, poetry and music that take flight to bless a myriad of readers across the globe.

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