Prayer Team

The Broken Renewed

by Lindy Swanson, OCW Prayer Team

God is the ultimate Reorganizer, Reducer, Renewer, and Recycler. He loves to upscale broken people into beautiful creations for amazing purposes. My hummingbird feeder, made of recycled pieces of colored glass, is a joy to behold. A friend gave me a trinket bowl in the same motif, saying, “When I saw this bowl, I thought of you because you are one of the most broken people I know, and, yet, like this bowl, you are beautiful.”

The Scriptures are full of testimonies of broken people made beautiful: Moses, David, Peter, Paul, Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, and Elizabeth, to name a few. In fact, I don’t think anyone is useful until they are broken. We need to learn to allow God’s easy yoke on our backs. God’s love motivates this kind of discipline for our good.

Other sources of brokenness are imperfect people, fallen nature, and our spiritual adversaries who attempt to steal, kill, and destroy. If you are in the breaking or broken stage of life, be encouraged. God can redeem the suffering and undo the works of Satan in your life. Consider converting Scripture into prayers, using passages such as Psalm 51, Psalm 109, and Isaiah 61.

Now, may the Lord be close to you, beloved, brokenhearted one, and save you when you are crushed in spirit. (See Psalm 34:18.) May He restore the joy of your salvation and grant you a willing spirit to sustain you. (See Psalm 51:12.) May you be healed and your wounds bound. May this be a year of grace and overflowing joy in God’s presence.

May this be your year of vindication as He prepares a table for you in the presence of your enemies. (See Psalm 23:5.) May God’s praises, the fruit of your lips, and the written Word clothe you with beauty. (See Psalm 33:1.)

May you forgive as He has forgiven you. May you rest in the knowledge that God is just. God sees. God knows. Only He can judge hearts impartially, yet He lets us know when to extend mercy and grace to another broken soul.

May God cause the broken pieces of your life to be so transformed and joined to Him that only His beauty and glory remains. May the words that bleed out of your brokenness carry the redeeming power of Christ’s living blood to those who read and hear them. 

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