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  • 2015 SC Mentors

    2015 SC Mentors

    Mentor Appointments: Focus on the Next StepWe are pleased to offer half-hour career mentoring appointments in our Writing Center, where you can sit face-to-face with an experienced professional author to ask advice about craft, marketing, goal-setting, or the business of writing. Mentoring appointments are not just for new authors. A writer can benefit from wise counsel at any stage of his or her career. An appointment might include a brief prayer, if requested.At the beginning of July, all registered full-time conferees will receive an email asking for their first, second, and third choices for mentors. Only one mentor appointment will be given to each conferee who requests one.What to bring to the appointment: Several pages of your writing if you have craft questions—plus your answers to the following critical questions. Be specific. This will tell your mentor where you are in your writing career and provide insight on how to best help you. What kind of writing are you doing right now? How long have you been writing? What do you want to achieve with your writing? What is the biggest thing preventing you from achieving that goal? How can your mentor help you today? Meet Your Mentors view full ... Read More »
  • SC 2015 Magazine and Newspaper Editors

    SC 2015 Magazine and Newspaper Editors

  • 2015 SC Book Editors

    2015 SC Book Editors

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