• SC 2015 Recordings

    SC 2015 Recordings

    Welcome to the OCW Summer Conference 2015 Recordings page! This year, we are pleased to offer two options for purchasing recordings: you may purchase an OCW SC flash drive that contains the most of the conference recordings to be mailed to you, or you may purchase individual recordings (see the price list below). Flash drives will also be available at the OCW Bookstore during the Fall 2015 One-Day Conference at Warner Pacific College on Saturday, October 17, 2015. ORDER YOUR FULL CONFERENCE DRIVE FOR $129.95 (online orders includes a $5 shipping/handling fee and will be delivered directly to your mailing address). Full Conference Recording $129.95 OR Order individual tracks online. Individual tracks go through our third-party secure storefront; you will be re-directed there to place your order. Use this list as your “shopping list” for deciding which tracks you would like to purchase. (Offline purchase is not available for individual tracks.)  Coaching Classes: $19.95 each Workshops: $9.95 each Panels: $15.95 (includes all three panels) CLICK HERE TO ORDER INDIVIDUAL TRACKS FOR DOWNLOAD   Tweet Read More »
  • 2016 Cascade Writing Contest

    2016 Cascade Writing Contest

    The 2016 Cascade Writing Contest Opens Valentine’s Dayby Julie McDonald Zander, Co-Chair of the Cascade Writing Contest“When I heard the first few words of my novel being read, I instantly doubled over, teary-eyed and shaking,” said Becky Cuadra George, whose unpublished novel won the 2015 Contemporary Fiction Award. “Thirteen years and counting on that manuscript, but now there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. And it was so wonderful to meet my fellow authors and friends in person! What a wonderful night.”That elation could be yours. The 2016 Cascade Writing Contest is open to published (in 2015) and unpublished writers in multiple genres. It’s a great way to gain attention for your writing and get valuable insights as you edit your work or launch into your next book project.Winning the Cascade Award, or even placing as a finalist, can open doors to booksellers, agents, and editors. view full post » Tweet Read More »
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  • 2016 Cascade Writing Contest

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