One Day Conferences

OCW holds three one-day coaching conferences around the state throughout the year, as well as a comprehensive, nationally-known four-day Summer Coaching Conference.

Upcoming Events:


Winter One-Day Conference

February 25, 2017

James L. Rubart keynoting

Chemeketa Community College/Salem


Spring One-Day Conference

May 20, 2017

Dan Kline and Kay Marshall Strom keynoting

Northwest Christian University/Eugene

Fall One-Day Conference

October 21, 2017

Jeff Gerke keynoting

Rolling Hills Community Church/Tualatin

(south Portland metro area)


  • Winter One Day Conference: typically held in mid-February in Salem, OR. Registration begins mid-January.
  • Spring One Day Conference: typically held in mid-May in Eugene, OR. Registration begins early April.
  • The four-day Summer Coaching Conference: typically held in late summer. Our venue is the Red Lion Jantzen Beach Inn in Portland, OR. Registration begins April 1.
  • Fall One Day Conference: typically held mid-October in Portland, OR. Registration begins mid-September.