On the Cusp

 “On the Cusp” by Cynthia Ruchti

Seven years ago to the day, I had a conversation with God that went something like this:

“Lord, this writing for publication thing is hard. It’s . . . labor!”

“Yup.” (Sometimes the Voice I hear says things like that.)

“Every corner I turn, I see nothing but more corners ahead.”

“Curious, isn’t it?”

“Nobody’s interested in my proposals. I’ve worked hard for eight years to study and grow in the craft, plus all those years of writing for radio, magazines, newspaper columns.”

“Uh huh.”

“And my dream agent doesn’t have any openings.”

“I’m aware.”

“Especially fiction, Lord. If You don’t want me to publish fiction, it would be a waste of Your time and mine for me to keep trying. I will lay this author idea on the altar, gladly give it up, unless You show me it’s what You want me to keep pursuing.”

I “heard” nothing in response. All I knew to do was keep pursuing until I knew God’s answer to my sincere “I’ll lay it on the altar, Lord” prayer.

Six weeks later, I had contracts for my debut novel and my dream agent.

“I guess You want me to keep pressing on. Right?”

Heaven smiled.

But I have to keep asking every day. “Is this what You want me to do today, God?” Or even better, “I’m coming to You with this blank slate. Write on it what You want me to do.”

Sometimes the answer turns out to be the same thing as yesterday and the day before and the day before that. Sometimes, the road curves. The scenery changes. The future looks uncertain.

In some ways, writers always stand on the cusp, on the edge, peeking around a corner into an unknown future. Our prayer remains the same, day in and day out. We don’t count on past guidance as the GPS for today’s journey because the landscape changes. Only God and His faithfulness are unmoving.

Today I’m ruminating on how God answered when I laid it all down before Him, willing to walk away if that’s what He wanted, willing to keep pressing on until He made the way clear.

It was a turning point. And a launch pad.

Are you on the cusp of something longed for, labored over, but uncertain? If you lay it down, He may ask You to pick it up. Or He may leave it there on the altar. Either way, the moment will likely lead you to another cusp.

“In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths” (Proverbs 3:6 nkjv).

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