OCW Prayer

In Pursuit of God’s Goals

by Lindy Swanson, OCW Prayer Team

As we prayerfully consider our goals for the new year—whether it’s in our writing life or our lives in general—it is good to determine if the plans we make are consistent with Scripture and ask ourselves how closely they align with God’s desires for us.

In 1 Timothy 1:5, the apostle Paul encouraged his young friend Timothy to adopt these three goals (good ones for us as well): “love which springs from a pure heart,1 a good conscience2 and a genuine faith”3 (Phillips).

1. God’s essence is love. He is love (1 John 4:16). If our writing goals aren’t birthed from a pure heart and don’t reflect and release the fragrance of God’s love, then our goals miss the mark. As we wait for His guidance, His love compels us to choose to do His good works—and as writers, His good words to write.

2. A clean conscience requires repentance and washing with God’s Word daily to remove dirt. Unforgiveness, which is one of our most common sins, leads to a root of bitterness that works against love. When we forgive, the healing process can begin and we can live in and write God’s truth.

3. A sincere faith holds up under examination and does not melt in the heat of God’s light or adversity’s fires. It rejects hypocrisy and allows us to write His truth.

Dear Lord, we ask You to reveal Your purposes for us so we can align our goals with Yours. May we honor You in all we say and write. 

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