OCW Business – Fall 2013


by Sue Miholer, OCW Business Manager


Sue Miholer, OCW Business Manager
Sue Miholer, OCW Business Manager

Most of you will find a date near your name in the mailing address section of this newsletter. For many of you that date is 10-1-13 or earlier, which means your annual membership has already expired or is about to expire. It’s time to renew your membership. (If there is no date there, our records show that you are not a member.)

Last March, OCW voted to change from an October–September membership year to one of a full 12 months regardless of when during the year you join or renew. Even before the official vote, we had implemented that system on a trial basis. So for those of you who have a date later than 10-1-13 in the address section, the date you see there tells you when your membership expires.

Around the 15th of each month, we will send an email reminder to those whose memberships will expire the first of the next month. We will attach a membership form to the email that you can print off, fill out, and send in with a check in the appropriate amount. Or you can go to http://oregonchristianwriters.org/membership/ to renew online.


Marilyn Rhoads, the OCW program chairman for the one-day conferences, has served us well since October 2009. The current bylaws call for her to be replaced at the October business meeting since she will have served two two-year terms, the maximum allowed.

As you know, at our May conference, the membership voted to allow the board to rework some sections of the OCW bylaws. One of the items we indicated we would change is either the length of a board member’s term of office and/or how many consecutive terms a person can serve in the same office. The board will ask for a vote at the October business meeting to confirm Marilyn to a third two-year term as program chairman and Susan Maas to a second two-year term as secretary.


Online critique groups for OCW Members (another perk of membership) – watch the website for more information.

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