OCW Business

Minding OCW’s Business
by Sue Miholer, OCW Business Manager

A quick note to remind those of you who haven’t yet renewed your membership or joined for the first time: Don’t wait. In addition to other benefits, OCW members receive a bigger discount on summer conference tuition (does not include food and lodging) this year. It used to be a $50 difference, but for 2012 the member discount is$60—$365 vs. $425 for tuition only. You can join or renew online.

The board continues its quest to cut costs where possible in order to be good stewards of OCW funds. We’re transitioning to sharing more information via the OCW website and the monthly e-newsletter sent only to our members includes information not available anywhere else—another perk of membership.

We mail the print newsletters about six weeks before each one-day conference. What you’re holding in your hand is our only hard-copy vehicle for getting out the word. We’re cutting back on the number of pages and moving some of the print newsletter’s former features to the e-newsletter. The content of both types of newsletters will help you keep current in today’s changing market. Our print newsletter is also available online or via email upon request, but only some of the information in the monthly “members only” e-newsletter will be posted on the website.


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