November Prayer

written by Marion Duckworth, Prayer Team Member

We confess, O Lord, that life on our planet has turned sour. Another hero crumbled when an award-winning athlete used steroids and lied about it. Marriage, a biblically based institution, has been dismissed as “just a piece of paper.” Entire families in the Middle East have been murdered by the government that was designed to protect them.

Media has fashioned a Gumby god who can be twisted into an “anything goes” image. Remote and indulgent, he can never say “No.” As your representatives on earth, we Christian writers are called to resurrect the truth.

Energize us to rescue biblical morals and ethics from the trash. Teach us to fashion very human characters who struggle with temptation but who learn to stand just as surely as did our ancestors who were burned at the stake. Gift us to write the truth like fine art in our articles, books, and poems.

Most holy Lord God Almighty, remind us when we sit at our computers to write with boldness and in humility—for we are the ones who know the truth that will set mankind free.

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