Monday, July 28
Workshop A – 3:30–4:30

4.  Writing for Discipleship Journal (Nonfiction/Techniques)
Connie Willems, editor, Discipleship Journal
We’ll talk about the best ways to begin writing for Discipleship Journal and consider how to select topics. Then we’ll go beyond the writer’s guidelines to delve into the characteristics the editors look for when evaluating an article or query. Come learn what earns a Discipleship Journal article a thumbs-up!

8.  Abolish Bad Writing (Nonfiction/Techniques)
Kathy Davis,
managing editor, Focus on the Family Book Publishing
Bad writing is characterized by flabby prose, hackneyed topics and presentation, lifeless tone, passive constructions, poor sentence structure, and other problems. We’ll look at examples from the editor’s desk and discuss solutions.

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