Money Matters

Pain and Gain

by Frank Yates, OCW Treasurer

Many of us have heard the adage, “no pain, no gain.” Our last fiscal year ended September 30th and OCW’s expenses exceeded revenue … pain. However, gain outweighed the pain—and we’re working on ways to lessen the pain and increase the gain during our current fiscal year.

During 2013, OCW offered its members and others many great learning opportunities. The three one-day conferences and a four-day summer coaching conference received high praise and provided excellent opportunities for Christian writers to learn and hone their craft. In addition, they were able to make new friends and talk with agents, editors, and successful authors.

Because 2013 was our golden anniversary year, we celebrated that milestone at each one-day conference and produced a book chronicling our first 50 years. Be sure to purchase your copy at the winter conference if you don’t have one yet.

Under Gail Sattler’s leadership (and with minimal expense), we were able to launch online critique groups for our members last fall.

Our goals for 2014 are to continue the reputation of OCW as a great place to learn the craft of writing. That will include webinars and other innovative ways to polish our skills, always with a careful eye toward good stewardship of our financial resources.

Lindy Jacobs and her dedicated volunteers are planning another great summer coaching conference, including the second annual Cascade Writing Contest, co-chaired by Julie Zander and Marilyn Rhoads.

Take a look to see how other writers’ conferences compare with OCW—what they offer and what they cost. You’ll see what a quality program we offer at an affordable price in a lovely local setting. Plan ahead now, and the gain will be yours.

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