Members Email Loop

A new perk of membership: an OCW members-only email loop!

Any OCW member can join—and the loop will serve many purposes.

This is the place where all members can ask for help if they need it—whether it’s help with a word or phrase, a research question, one about structure or trends, or any other writing-related help you might need.

For the more experienced writers, you will be able to reach out and help others as you were helped, or as you wish you could have been helped earlier in your own learning journey. You will be blessed as you help others.

This loop is not only for the goal of becoming better writers, but also about fun and fellowship. Do you have an exciting writing-related moment to share? A new release? A new cover? Acceptance by a publisher or agent? Those are only a few of the things you can bring to the loop when you want to share your joy. It’s fun to share!

At the same time, the writing journey can often have frustrations. There is no better place to come than our circle of writers who understand, who have been there, and can help lift you up. And for those writers who have been through a similar experience, what a joy it is to help someone else move forward when you understand the road they are now on.

Of course, besides helping and being helped with writing, this is also the place to get to know other writers in OCW—whether or not you are able to go to a conference.

When you get to the sign-up page, you will be given the option of receiving individual emails or getting them as compiled email digests.

Should you join and need to drop out, that also is easy, and just as easy to come back in.

If you’re an OCW member and are interested in joining the loop, email us at, and we’ll send directions on how to join. If you’re not a member, visit our Membership Page for details!