May 2013 Prayer Time

written by Lindy Swanson, Prayer Team Member

God, we worship You for Your grace and peace. You are glorious and good!

Thank You for the divine power You give us through knowing You. We delight in the creative ways You make Yourself known. Ignite our creative flames for Your glory.

We yield ourselves to Your calling and purpose. We humble ourselves, repent, and pray. Thank You for making us righteous, Your holy temples. We adore Your presence.

Thank You for giving us everything we need to live a godly life. Thank You for equipping us with Your armor. We resist the evil one. When the accuser fires guilt and shame against us, help us remember that we are forgiven. Thank You for destroying the work of Satan in our lives. Victorious One, we rejoice in You.

Thank You for the fruit Your Spirit produces in our lives. Your character traits make us effective and productive. Help us view suffering against the eternal glory that is ours in Christ Jesus. Your glory outshines our momentary dark spots. Help us to keep our eyes on You and the eternal perspective.

Your compassion compels us. May our pens drip with Heaven’s dew. We yearn to make Your name famous.

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Heavenly Father, Thank You for the grace of love, for giving us Your peace and the gift of faith to believe that You have accomplished for us what we could not do for ourselves. Thank You, Jesus, for being obedient to the point of death. Your love is amazing! Holy Spirit, thank You for being to us the token pledge from Jesus, our beloved husband, that He will return for us, His Bride, after He has prepared a place for us. Come quickly. We love You because You first loved us.