March 2013 Prayer

written by Petey Prater, Prayer Team Member

“The Lord lives; blessed be my Rock, and exalted be God, the Rock of my salvation” (2 Samuel 22:47 amp).

OCW comes to You, only Refuge, Fortress, Strength. You, Lord, are our Rock of Ages. Teach each of us to cry to You when our heart is overwhelmed and fainting. When we are in battle, may our prayer be: “Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.” (See Psalm 61:2.)

Climb each OCW writer up to stand with You on this mountain of God. From that lofty height we’ll see the enemy coming, north, south, east or west, and find safety in our Defender. Thank You for Water of the Word placed in the hollow of the Rock to quench our thirst. Praise You for Bread of Life sprinkled on the Rock to feed us. Teach us to hunger for that Truth. You prepare sunny and shady places for us to sit or stand on the Rock. Whisper to us there Your deep, intimate secrets as we abide in You.

Help Oregon Christian Writers model Your servant posture, bowing on hands and knees, allowing seekers to step up on our backs and be pulled to safety by others of us reaching down from the Rock that is Higher.

Teach us to rest in You as we learn to write the Word. Help us fling Your Rhema and Logos from the High Place to those not yet climbing, not yet seeking. Thank You, enabling Holy Spirit. Amen.

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