Kim Bangs: Let it Flow!

Let it Flow!

by Kim Bangs

bangskimAs I write this I’m sitting on a plane flying across the country—which I seem to be doing quite a bit lately.

The gentleman across the aisle from me is writing furiously, longhand. Write, cross out, rewrite. He refers to his iPad and then writes more.

I am actually quite honored to witness these Holy Spirit inspired moments of creativity. Words begin to flow like a beautifully guarded river. That flow is so refreshing. Can you picture it? Feel it?

In just a few days, hundreds of us will gather along a beautiful river. Divine moments will flow just as majestically as that river because they flow from His Majesty. Each moment will be refreshing or challenging or infuriating. All are part of the process.

Creativity will come from divine inspiration, faculty, and other attendees. In coaching classes and workshops, ideas will be presented—all to enhance or perhaps to challenge your creativity.

Each of was born as a creative soul, but life begins to regulate the flow of creativity. If we aren’t watchful, the flow can be turned off completely. I recommend approaching a conference much like you did kindergarten: You were a bit fearful, yet excited about the possibilities. You went to play and learn all at the same time. You had choices to make. Is it the monkey bars, swings, the slide, or the merry-go-round? (Totally dating myself here.) You went with wide-eyed wonder, and you lived out every experience with enthusiasm.

Do that at this conference! Push your boundaries. Do things differently. Participate in classes and workshops—no wallflowers. Meet new people. Offer encouragement. Don’t let an unexpected path or answer deter you.

Just like a river can be seen as a way of travel or a hindrance to your path, at a conference the feedback you receive, the teaching you hear, the conversations you participate in can move you down the writing journey or can stop you in your tracks. The perspective is yours.

My counsel: Refuse to be overwhelmed or stopped.

My writing friend across the aisle has not allowed the movement of people, turbulence, or beverage and meal service to slow him down one bit. He keeps writing page after page.

And more often than not, that is the win—you just keep on keeping on.

Kim Bangs is the Senior Acquisitions Editor with Bethany and Chosen, a division of Baker Publishing Group. For more than 25 years Kim has served in the Christian publishing industry, beginning in the children’s curriculum department at Gospel Light and later as Publishing Director for Regal (the book division of Gospel Light). In 2012 Kim was awarded Editor of the Year by the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association. Kim will be teaching a morning coaching class at Summer Conference, From Idea to Print: Bringing Your Nonfiction Idea to Life.



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