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Fall Conference Review

by Susan Mass, OCW Secretary

Cynthia Ruchti, keynote speaker at the October one-day conference, described a house on the shore of Lake Michigan with so many windows that she could see the lake through the house as she drove by. God made us to be see-through houses, she continued, so that people can look through us and see the vast magnificence on the other side. Quoting A. W. Tozer that “A scared world needs a fearless church,” Cynthia urged listeners to build windows, not walls.

In her second address Cynthia spoke of “What King David Knew.” Throughout his life, David learned to articulate the grace, mercy, and sovereignty of God. He was a writer, warrior, and worshiper, needing all three of those roles to balance his life. We, too, need to find our balance, and that may mean stripping some things off—even some good things—so that we can do what God called us to do.

Following the keynote talks, OCW President Maxine Marsolini called the business meeting to order. Treasurer Wendy Gorski and Business Manager Sue Miholer shared good news: in the past year, revenues have been greater than expenses, putting OCW on sound financial footing. They reminded the audience that any profit goes back into the organization to benefit its members. Sue also announced that OCW is now a

501(c)(3) nonprofit group, which means donations are tax-deductible.

Maxine welcomed about a dozen first-time attendees and read publishing accomplishments. She thanked Program Coordinator Marilyn Rhoads for three great terms of service and introduced the nominating committee and the nominees for program coordinator—Tracie Heskett and Don White. In an extremely close vote, Don was elected to the position. Susan Maas was approved for a third term as secretary.

Author Leslie Gould with Lindy Jacobs (photo courtesy of Julie Zander)
Author Leslie Gould with Lindy Jacobs (photo courtesy of Julie Zander)

Summer Conference Director Lindy Jacobs discussed the previous summer conference and provided a sneak preview of the next. She announced that audio recordings of the 2015 Summer Conference are available on the website and conference bookstore. Marilyn wrapped up the business meeting with drawings for books and introduction of workshop presenters.

After a salad and sandwich buffet lunch, attendees learned how to improve their craft and market their work, also enjoying time to network and share with fellow writers. The day closed with an autograph party and dessert.

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