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At age 27, Davis Bunn was “a victim of success.” During a skiing trip in Germany, he realized that his life was perfect on the outside but miserable on the inside. The second, even scarier, realization was how easy it would be to turn away and never face that emptiness. Davis’s search for meaning led him to Jesus, and two weeks after giving his life to Christ he began to write.

Davis Bunn speaks "The Word of God" at the winter conference. (Photo courtesy of Nicole Miller)
Davis Bunn speaks “The Word of God” at the winter conference. (Photo courtesy of Nicole Miller)

Davis spoke to the attendees at the March OCW conference regarding what he has learned about writing and how he learned to redefine success. Davis had three suggestions for writers: to accept the discipline of writing—to identify strengths and weaknesses and work to correct the weaknesses, one at a time; to accept the discipline of silence, to learn to listen to God; and finally, to take time to breathe and be gentle with themselves.

To write well we must change inside, Davis concluded, asking, “How far do you want God to take you in this process?”

President Maxine Marsolini led the business meeting, in which OCW members approved three proposals: raising dues, changing to a 12-month membership rather than the current fiscal year, and rewording our statement of faith. Lindy Jacobs told about the summer conference to be held August 12–15, with the theme “Guarding the Treasure.” This conference will also introduce the Cascade Awards, a new writing contest with categories in a wide range of genres.

Maxine read seven publishing firsts and welcomed about 20 firsttime attendees and 10 new members. The event concluded with a variety of afternoon workshops, which taught the writing craft, marketing, poetry, and copyright law.

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