Fun with Fundamentals

Addition was easy. But that was first grade . . . then came third grade and multiplication. I remember night after night, sitting in my dad’s lap, going over and over the times tables. Dad would be talking loudly and I’d be crying. For some reason it took me MUCH longer to understand 2×1=2 than 2+1=3. But, after many excruciating hours, it clicked. I got it . . . and math was never a problem again (well until algebra . . . in that case my parents found a tutor . . . my dad wised up).

Now, older and wiser, I am grateful that my dad endured those dramatic sessions (okay, maybe I was a bit of a drama princess!) and taught me the fundamentals. In those sessions I gained knowledge that made the rest of my learning, job, and life more successful. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t use the fundamentals I learned.

The same truth applies to nonfiction writing and publishing. When we put in the effort to learn the fundamentals, we can be more successful as we move further on in the process. In the Components of Nonfiction Writing Coaching Class, I can promise that learning the fundamentals won’t be painful or result in a dramatic emotional outburst. In fact it will be fun.

We will discuss and practice some writing and publishing fundamentals. Then, to make immediate use of what we learn, we’ll take your one-sheet, premise, or proposal and field-test it to fine tune and improve and maybe even expand the original idea. (So bring your one-sheet, premise and/or proposals!)

Come with your shirt sleeves rolled up, your laptops powered up, your pencils sharpened up and let’s discover and be creative together.

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Kim Bangs
Kim Bangs

Kim Bangs is the Senior Acquisitions Editor for the Bethany and Chosen divisions of Baker Publishing. Chosen publishes well-crafted books that recognize the gifts and ministry of the Holy Spirit and help readers live more empowered lives for Jesus Christ. Kim served for 25 years with Gospel Light/Regal where she became Publishing Director. In 2012 Kim was honored by the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association as Nonfiction Editor of the Year. Kim will teach “Components of Nonfiction Writing,” a 7-hour intensive morning coaching class at the OCW 2016 Summer Conference.

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