Focus on Rachel Hauck

Interview with Fall One-Day Conference Keynoter Rachel Hauck

by Marilyn Rhoads, OCW Program Coordinator

RachelHauckQ. Rachel, you write award-winning romance books. Why do you write what you do?

A. I’m such a Pollyanna. I chose romance because it’s just where my heart was when I started writing. I’ve always gravitated toward romantic books and movies. Besides, romance is the number one genre. Why not run with the best?

Q. How are your books different from others in your genre?

A. I usually have a little bit more going on than just a romance. I try different elements to broaden the story. I might add a one-off point of view, or create a subplot, to widen the story. I also include a strong family dynamic and a supernatural element. I like to show how God works in our lives with a physical manifestation of His presence.

Q. You were ACFW’s Mentor of the Year in 2013 and you work with My Book Therapy. What is your writing process?

A. I write five, sometimes six, days a week. Depending on the deadline. I also goof around a lot while sitting at my desk. That Facebook is so tempting. I call it my “office water cooler.”

I write a rough draft of about 75,000 words. Then I start over. I may use most of the first draft. Or practically nothing from those first words, but I know the story by then and rewriting goes quickly. After I rewrite, I edit again. Books are not just written; they’re rewritten.


Come join us on Saturday, October 11th, to hear Rachel Hauck keynote at Oregon Christian Writers’ One-day Conference at Multnomah University in Portland, Oregon. Click HERE to register!

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