Fall 2012 Recap

Fall Conference Brings Encouragement

by Susan Maas, OCW Secretary

“God cares so much more about your character than your publication,” keynote speaker Colleen Coble told writers at the fall one-day conference in Portland. An award-winning author and CEO of American Christian Fiction Writers, Colleen believes strongly in the importance of encouraging others. She suggested that writers look at networking not as a way to help their own careers, but as a way to help someone else.

Colleen proposed many avenues of encouragement. We might encourage other writers by emailing an author of a book we enjoyed, agreeing to review a book by a new author, or befriending someone sitting alone at a writers’ conference. Editors and agents also need encouragement. Be grateful for all they do for you and show your gratitude by visiting, sending cards, and reaching out in other ways. “Go with chocolate,” Colleen suggested.

After Colleen spoke, OCW president Mary Hake opened the business meeting. Treasurer Billie Reynolds reported that OCW is working hard to save money and that all bills are up-to-date. She encouraged members to renew their memberships since dues will probably be rising soon. Summer Conference Director Lindy Jacobs reported on the success of last summer’s conference and suggested members visit the conference website to find out more about the 2013 conference.

Two new officers were elected at the meeting: Maxine Marsolini as president and Frank Yates as treasurer. Outgoing officers Mary and Billie were honored for their years of service. A special lifetime membership award was presented to Gail Denham, a dedicated and longtime member of OCW. Mary welcomed about ten first-time attendees and read nine publishing firsts.

In a special drawing, Patty Gallegos won a copy of Mary Hake’s Creation curriculum book, Becky Hanchett won a CD set from the summer conference, and Corky Apilado won a $25 scholarship to next summer’s conference.

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