Electronic Submissions

All unpublished entries and published articles, columns, blogs, devotionals, and poetry should be submitted ELECTRONICALLY to Cascade@oregonchristianwriters.org. Electronic submissions should comply with the guidelines and formatting listed below. In the subject line, list your last name and the category you’re entering. For example, “Gould Published Fiction Book” or “Denham Unpublished Poetry.”

All entries must:

  • Be in English
  • Be typed or printed from a computer in 12-point type (Times or Times New Roman) and double spaced.
  • Synopsis should be one page, single spaced, with no blank lines between paragraphs.
  • Have the first lines of each new paragraph indented five spaces.
  • Use three asterisks for scene breaks in fiction entries.
  • Include the manuscript title and category at the top left and the page number at the top right of each page.


  • Include your name on any page of the manuscript—only in the subject line of the email, which should also include the category and genre entered.
  • Exceed maximum page limits or word counts. (Check category descriptions for guidelines.)